Michigan Man Praises Leading California Recovery Program Resurgence Behavioral Health: "By the Grace of God I Found This Place"

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Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, California — A drug-addicted man found himself in a desperate state and then found Resurgence Behavioral Health. He credits God and Resurgence for helping him achieve the recovery success that had eluded him. The former patient, Barry, shared his experience in a fervent five-star review on Google.

“Lemme start with thank you guys for being there every step of the way,” Barry wrote. “I’m from Michigan and I was in a tough place last year with the feeling of no hope whatsoever. By the grace of God I found this place and they put me on a plane the next day.

Detox from alcohol and drug addiciton in costa mesa california at resurgence behavioral health

Barry attended Resurgence California Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa, near Los Angeles. It’s part of Resurgence Behavioral Health’s nationwide network of drug and alcohol treatment centers, which provide treatment for substance use disorders and related mental health conditions. Treatment takes clients on a comprehensive journey to recovery, starting with detox and continuing through inpatient and outpatient care, sober living and aftercare.

Strategies include medically assisted treatment and several forms of behavioral therapy. Resurgence provides traditional 12 Step programs but also offers an alternative known as SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training). Offered by many respected rehab programs, SMART Recovery was developed by a global nonprofit organization as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs. Its distinctions include the lack of a spiritual element; participants do not call on a “higher power” for help with their disorders.

Resurgence also offers virtual therapy, in which clients use digital technology and other tools to receive treatment when they cannot travel for in-person treatment.

Resurgence believes strongly that addiction must be treated in context with emotional disorders that may underlie the substance problem. For example, trauma and abuse may lead to depression, anxiety and other illnesses that the sufferer tries to subdue with alcohol or drugs. This condition is known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. If the addiction is resolved but the emotional issues remain, addiction is likely to return.

Dual-diagnosis treatment exemplifies Resurgence’s philosophy of treating the whole person and treating them with dignity and respect. Its centers are located in beautiful rural areas. But the purpose is not just physical comfort; nature can inspire positive emotions and open the mind to accept treatment. In an environment far removed from the stresses of everyday living, the recovering addict gets breathing room and a clear view of the path to sobriety.

Within this tranquil setting, Resurgence offers several sources of support to enhance its traditional therapeutic strategies. Clients can bring pets for the emotional support they are known to offer. Couples can attend therapy together, although they live in separate accommodations for residential care. Smoking is allowed outdoors, and clients can use cellphones after a two-week stabilization period.

But at every Resurgence facility, the staff is the heart of the program. The treatment team includes medical professionals, certified addiction counselors, licensed therapists and trained addiction specialists. Every staff member is dedicated to the mission of helping clients break free from addiction and live their best lives.

“It’s everything they say it is,” Barry concluded. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I had to do it all over again. Thank you guys for your dedication and compassion for your job (that) you guys show you love to do.”

For more information on treatment of substance use disorder for yourself or a loved one, visit Resurgence Behavioral Health or call 855-458-0050.

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