Man Says He Was Treated Like Family Not a Client or Addict During His Stay at California Based Resurgence Behavioral Health

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Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, CA — Conquering drug or alcohol addiction takes serious, evidence-based approaches that attack the physical causes and effects of dependence. But there’s a human element that must also be considered, and Resurgence Behavioral Health believes compassion and emotional support must be part of treatment.

For a California man, it was precisely the right formula. When he finally decided to get help for his addiction, he found success at Resurgence. He was so pleased he left a five-star review on Google recommending the program and the staff who work there.

Alcohol Rehab in California at Resurgence

Being my first time in rehab, I didn’t know what to expect,” wrote Anthony, the former client. “From day day one to day 75, I was treated like family, not a client or addict.”

Creating a homelike, welcoming atmosphere where clients get individualized care rather than one-size-fits-all treatment is a critical part of the program at Resurgence, a nationwide group of rehab centers based in Costa Nesa, California. Resurgence offers the latest treatment for substance use disorders involving alcohol and drugs, including prescription painkillers, and provides a full continuum of care, from detox through rehab and aftercare. Services include medically assisted detox, residential and outpatient rehab, and aftercare programs such as sober living homes that help clients transition into new lives free of harmful substances.

In much of his review, Anthony praised the Resurgence staff, who include a highly qualified team of medical professionals, licensed therapists, certified addiction counselors and trained addiction specialists. “All levels of staff were professional, kind and attentive,” he wrote. “I learned many coping skills I never knew existed.”

He added, “The atmosphere at campus and all the houses are safe, warm and well kept, and (the houses are) minutes from the beach.”

At Resurgence, facilities are designed to provide a stay that’s as stress-free as possible. Rehab is often thought of as a cold, sterile, almost punishing, environment. Instead, Resurgence offers a comfortable setting where the client can better focus on their recovery. Many of its facilities are located in secluded rural areas, in keeping with Resurgence’s belief that being surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature helps open the mind and spirit to healing.

Inside the facility, clients find comfortable, homelike décor and living arrangements. Residents can relax in attractively designed living areas, entertain and challenge themselves with games and keep themselves in good physical condition — while also blowing off steam — in an exercise area. Meals are prepared by onsite chefs. If they wish, clients may smoke outside, enjoy TV in their rooms and get access to their cellphones after their first 14 days of treatment. In addition, couples in recovery may undergo treatment together while living in separate, same-sex accommodations.

Treatment plans are uniquely designed to fit the needs of each client. Addiction specialists use several evidence-based approaches, including cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, which effectively treat behavioral conditions, including substance use disorder. Treatment can be offered in conjunction with 12-step programs.

Resurgence also offers dual-diagnosis treatment, which takes a more holistic approach to substance abuse. In dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders, addiction is viewed as a sign that the client is coping with a deeper emotional or psychological condition than a simple addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This personalized approach is at the heart of the Resurgence program, which Anthony credited for his success in recovery.

“I definitely chose the right recovery (program) the first time out,” he concluded.

To begin seeking help for a substance abuse disorder for one's self or a loved one, visit Resurgence Behavioral Health or call 855-458-0050.

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