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Conveyancing Fees Caclulator Receives 2023 Update

December 22, 2022
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QLD based LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane has released an update for their website’s free Conveyancing Calculator. The Calculator, which is freely available to all users, allows interested parties to estimate the potential extent of their conveyancing fees in one convenient location.

Kristy Fletcher of LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane explains that the recent update is meant to reflect the current pricing structure of conveyancing costs in Australia. As such, users can expect the Calculator to produce figures that are accurate for the year 2023. Fletcher says, “It should not be difficult for you to find out how much your property purchase, sale or transfer will actually cost you with all associated fees included. Some firms may obfuscate this figure because they are afraid their prices will turn away clients. Here at LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane, however, we stand by our rates because we know what our services are worth. In addition to offering you highly competitive rates, we are confident that the strength of our services will speak for itself.”

Conveyancing Fees Calculator

Clients should note that the exact figure will vary based on their individual needs, but the Calculator can help them gain a reasonably accurate idea of what to expect. LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane’s official quote will include the cost of legal fees, standard search fees and miscellaneous services. According to Fletcher, legal fees pertain to the cost of labour, conveyancing work, lawyer's time and conveyancer's or file owner's time. A lawyer, conveyancer and file owner are required to run the client’s file with due diligence as a part of this fee. Standard search fees refer to payments made to third parties that will participate in standard searches. Any remaining costs not covered by these two categories will also be added, such as settlement agent fees, postage costs and bank fees.

Fletcher says that a client will only know the exact nature of their conveyancing fee when proceedings reach the settlement stage. However, should the transaction in question offer no unusual circumstances or require extraordinary intervention, the quote generated by the Calculator will often be very close to the final figure. In this context, ‘unusual circumstances’ may refer to additional searches required by the client or unforeseen costs incurred as part of the process.

On the same page as the Calculator, users will find a comprehensive (and updated) breakdown of conveyancing fees that may apply in various circumstances. The page also offers a comprehensive list of services offered as part of the firm’s standard conveyance package. Depending on the client’s needs, this may include the firm drafting and providing them with documents at the commencement of their file, corresponding in a timely fashion regarding any changes made to a Contract, notifying the relevant authorities of a transaction, coordinating with third parties and so on. Clients should also be aware that fees change depending on the State in which they are based — a Purchaser in New South Wales may require different services to a Purchaser in Queensland. Fortunately, the services offered to each (and clients in other regions) as part of the firm’s standard conveyance is included on this page.

Fletcher adds that certain services are not considered to be standard because they are not required by every client. Such services may include work required for drafting or reviewing a Deed of Rescission or Deed of Variation, work required for drafting or reviewing a Licence Agreement, work required for drafting or reviewing a Contract prior to the client’s signing and so on. Similarly, either a client, their bank or other party may request additional searches (a request for information from a third party) to ensure no other factors are pertinent to the transaction.

With LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane, clients can expect the firm to always inform them immediately if an additional cost is required. The firm is committed to total transparency, and their primary commitment is always to the client’s goals. For more information on conveyancing fees and the firm’s services, interested parties may reach out to Kristy Fletcher or another member of the team at LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane. The 2023 update of the Conveyancing Calculator is also active on their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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