Domestic Violence Attorney Provides Guidance In Complex Cases

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Amundson Law Office, a Family Law Attorney based in Eagan, MN, is pleased to be offering their expertise in divorce and other family law cases, particularly in cases related to domestic violence. However, in situations where domestic violence (or related threats, accusations or other abusive situations) is involved, the situation can quickly become complicated, and getting assistance can be embarrassing, intimidating or cause fear of further abuse towards the individual and any children in the family.

The truth is that talking with someone who has dealt with problems similar to their own is one of the best first actions a person could take to leave an abusive relationship. The spouse will probably threaten them, claiming the situation (and the spouse’s behavior) will grow worse if the partner tells anybody, but in reality, the only way to improve conditions is for the right third party to be informed. The first concern must be to ensure their own and the children's physical safety. They should call the police right away if they have reason to believe they are in immediate danger.

Domestic Violence Attorney Lisa Amundson has in-depth experience when it comes to family law issues where domestic violence was a factor. If a person needs help working through a divorce or child custody issue, they should not hesitate to call the office and arrange a free initial consultation. Similarly, if a client has been charged with abusing their spouse, the firm advises them to not take the allegation lightly. Securing legal counsel as soon as possible is the best way to minimize how the situation will affect their life going forward. The firm can help handle the allegations and subsequent legal process. The firm has experience handling divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, modifications to support, custody and parenting time, domestic abuse/OFP/HO and high asset divorce cases.

For clients going through a divorce, it is critical to be aware of where they are in the process and what is happening next. The firm’s legal team aims to keep their clients informed at every step. They also provide a brief overview of the divorce process and what to expect if clients are facing a divorce. The process starts when a client sends or receives the paperwork to petition the court for a divorce. The firm also emphasizes that it is never too early to contact an attorney to help them get prepared for the divorce process. Developing a plan to handle the financial issues and shared custody of any minor children takes time.

While the attorneys at the firm can help a client at any point in the process, they do not recommend filing one’s own paperwork for divorce. There are several potential issues that can arise that will affect the rest of the process if not done correctly. The firm can also handle filing for temporary support and custody, which puts some structure in place while clients are working through the divorce process. Every situation is unique, but if one spouse does not have an income, that spouse will typically be granted some temporary financial support. Custody is determined on a case-by-case basis where the best interest of the children is taken into consideration, and the attorneys handling the client’s case will work towards the best possible outcome for that situation.

The discovery process in a divorce allows both parties equal access to documentation for mortgages, retirement accounts and other key financial information. Through the discovery process, the attorneys can make a formal request of any and all information needed to proceed in the process. Attorney Lisa Amundson will protect the clients’ rights and pursue the best possible outcome for them and their family, particularly in aspects such as custody and finances. Learn more here:

Lisa Amundson is an attorney licensed to practice law in all Minnesota District and Federal courts. She graduated cum laude from Saint Cloud State University with a B.A. and received her J.D. from Hamline University's law school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Dakota County Bar Association, Hennepin County Bar Association, and is a member of the Family Law section. She is also trained as a Social Early Neutral Evaluator, (SENE), a Financial Early Neutral Evaluator, (FENE) and a Rule 114 mediator. Her firm offers a free consultation from their offices in Minneapolis or Bloomington, or at a mutually convenient location in the Burnsville, Apple Valley or Eagan area. For more information, interested parties may visit the firm’s website or contact them directly via phone or email.

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