AntiAgingForDogs.Com Launches The Squash Project

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Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email, a pet food supplement company, has announced the launch of the Squash Project, a case study examining the effects of its RenuVite supplement on an aging dog.

The Squash Project is a series of short-form episodic videos that focuses on Squash, a 15-year-old half-corgi half-beagle who is near the end of his life’s journey. A fixture in the family and a joy for the kids to play with, Squash was suffering from the most common complaints of aging such as muscle weakness and poor muscle tone. The Squash Project, which is currently 2 episodes in, documents the effects of being put on a daily regimen of RenuVite™, the first and only anti-aging supplement for dogs that contains Univestin™ and DHEA.

Biochemist, and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition, Stephen Cherniske, co-creator of The Squash Project, a web series about an aging dog being given RenuVite, an anti-aging supplement for dogs

The creator of RenuVite™, biochemist, and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition, Stephen Cherniske talks about the Squash Project by saying, "Every day, millions of dogs in American households grow older and find themselves struggling to do the things they were once able to effortlessly do. Since they don’t fully understand how the passage of time slows down and weakens them, the little fur babies are always reliant on their owners to make the best decisions for them. Squash is no different. Beagles and corgis have a life expectancy of around 15 years. So, for Squash, getting started on RenuVite™ was a matter of life and death. Since he started taking the supplement, Squash has been, for a lack of a better word, transformed into his former energetic self. It is a fascinating journey that we felt was important to be documented and thus the Squash Project was born. If you want your faithful pet companions to regain the exuberance for life that you know they once had, you should give RenuVite™ a try."

In the first episode of the Squash Project, Squash’s owner Harrison notes his observations about his dog’s behavior ever since he started mixing RenuVite™ with Squash’s evening kibble by saying, "First off, his energy has been insane. Squash is over 100, in dog years, and over the last 5 years, I have definitely seen a drop-off in it. In the last few weeks, however, there has been no doubt in my mind that he has way more energy than a 15-year-old dog should. He can now walk all day and run up hills. He is practically a puppy again."

In the second episode, Rachel says, "I’ve known Squash for about 3 years. When I first met him, he was a happy-go-lucky puppy with regular amounts of energy. When we got to this new house about 10 weeks ago, he was lugging himself over the stairs and didn’t seem super energetic. Then when he started taking the DHEA, he would sprint up the stairs. When we got home, he would run after us and roll around in circles. You could tell that he had a lot more energy." The interviewer also notes that Squash’s shoulder skin feels softer, less inflamed, and more youthful and that Squash has better spinal movement, more energy to lift his legs instead of just standing to drain his bladder, and better butt, and hind limb muscle tone.

Along with the Univestin™ and DHEA, RenuVite™ also contains Aronia berry extract and hydrolyzed collagen. The formulation for the anti-aging supplement for dogs is backed up by extensive published and peer-reviewed clinical trials on the effectiveness of every ingredient. The veterinarian-tested and endorsed dog food supplement comes in 3 SKUs – single pack, double pack, and triple pack, ships to anywhere in the USA, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Pet owners report that their aging friends display enhanced cognition, immunity, energy, and mobility a few weeks after starting the regular consumption of Renuvite™.

Readers are urged to find out more about the company’s flagship anti-aging supplement for dogs RenuVite™ or to watch the latest episodes of its case study of an aging dog as they are regularly uploaded.

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