Keyroo Announces - We Buy Houses in Dallas Fast Despite Falling Property Prices Nationwide

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Keyroo, considered by many to be the best cash home buying company in Dallas, Texas, is easing fears about a cool down in the property market, especially if homeowners are trying to sell their homes fast.

In a recent report published by CNBC, real estate analyst Diana Olick found that, in July 2022, the home prices in the United States cooled down at the fastest rate in the history of the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index. While prices nationally rose at a rate of 18.1% in July, the same percentage for June was just 15.8%. A managing director at S&P DJI called this difference between the two monthly rates the “largest deceleration in the history of the index.”


Logan Gerard, the CEO of Keyroo, contextualized what this slowdown means for property owners looking to sell their homes by saying, “We have seen an almost unprecedented rise in the demand for homes nationwide over the last year. The overall inflationary spiral that the economy was trapped in was a concern for the government. Thus, the federal reserve stepped in and increased interest rates to discourage borrowing. This has directly affected the nation’s real estate market. Though you are still going to receive a high value for your home if you decide to sell, it is definitely a slightly lower payout than what it could have been.”

Logan then goes on to describe how these developments affect homeowners looking to sell their properties fast to cash home buyers such as Keyroo. He says, “If you are seeking quotes from cash home buyers, you are not ready to commit to the months or even years-long process of signing up with a real estate agent, getting an appraisal, staging your home, and showing it to potential buyers. Perhaps you have an urgent need for emergency funds or need to move quickly and can’t afford to be tied down by your current domicile. In either case, the traditional real estate market’s fluctuations would not have a major impact on the price that you would be able to get. For you, the priority is to sell the property fast and a few percentage points of rising and falling prices won’t affect your profit too much, especially with the condensed timeline in which cash home buyers close deals. So, if you are looking for a cash home buyer, you should look for a company that ranks high on factors such as quality of customer service and its track record with local clients. For Dallas residents, Keyroo meets and excels at all the most important criteria. We buy houses Dallas homeowners quickly want to be converted into a cash payout. Check out the reviews we have received over the years that vouch for our excellent services.”

Keyroo is a family-owned and operated company with over a decade of experience buying homes in Dallas and surrounding areas. The company prides itself on making the process as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible. The company buys homes as-is regardless of their location, age, and condition. One of the biggest advantages of approaching Keyroo is the speed at which it makes the first offer – under 24 hours. Moreover, if all the homeowner’s paperwork is accurate and presented without delay, they can expect the final payment in as little as 7 days from the initial consultation.

Selling to a cash home buyer such as Keyroo also has a ton of other benefits. Homeowners save money on the commissions that are usually paid to real estate agents. Homeowners also have to spend much less effort preparing the property, such as performing repairs and renovations, to make it appeal to the ideal buyer. Keyroo’s professional real estate analysts use their years of experience and knowledge of the state’s real estate landscape to make all-cash offers that are commensurate with the property’s current condition.

Readers searching online for “Sell My House Fast Dallas” can contact Keyroo at (469) 314-2499 to begin the process of selling their property.

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