London Emergency Dentist Always Ready for Dental Emergencies

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Emergency Dentist - Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, an out of hours emergency dental clinic and implant centre in Holborn / Tottenham Court Road, Central London, is offering immediate and appropriate solutions for any dental emergency. Their emergency dentists offer almost 24-hour emergency dental services. Those who call their emergency number will be answered by a multilingual customer service representative who will get the caller’s details, such as name and phone number, and then inform the emergency dentist who is on duty that day. The caller will then be informed about the earliest possible appointment that is most convenient for the patient. The customer service representative will then give the caller the surgery’s location, directions on how to get there, and parking information. For those who are unable to contact a staff member, they will simply need to provide their name and telephone number on the answering machine and they will return the call as quickly as possible.

Greg Murray, a spokesperson for Emergency Dentist, says, “Our emergency dental team is composed of general and cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists. They can offer emergency root canal treatment through their general dentistry department. If a tooth extraction is needed, especially a wisdom tooth extraction, which is a surgical procedure and is needed for various cases, including infections, pericoronitis, tooth crowding, and supernumerary teeth.”

There are two primary reasons for needing a root canal treatment. One reason is that infection has reached the pulp. Antibiotics cannot usually reach all of the bacteria inside a canal but they are provided to fight the bacteria that have spread outside the canal and have reached the bone. The second reason for a root canal is when the damage to the pulp can’t be remedied. For instance, a fracture in a tooth can cause damage to the pulp.

The wisdom teeth are found in the back four corners of the mouth and usually emerge when an individual is around the age of 20. In a lot of cases, there is insufficient space for the wisdom teeth, which results into pain, swelling, and infection. The solution for this is wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom teeth may be extracted by a dentist or by a dental surgeon for more complicated cases. Both types of providers are available through Emergency Dentist London. It is typically performed under local anesthetic. The dentist will have to cut through the gum and possibly some part of the jawbone in order to reach the wisdom tooth. The process may last for a couple of minutes for simple cases up to 40 minutes for more complicated cases.

They can also provide dental implants, gum grafting, a root resection, dentures, bone grafting, overdentures, and all on four dentures. Dental implants are usually provided as replacement for missing teeth. A dental implant is made from titanium allow and it has threads on one end and an artificial tooth root at the other end. It is then screwed into the jawbone where there is sufficient bone density. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant and this is both aesthetic and functional, which means it can really function like a real tooth.

They can also provide orthodontics, such as dental braces or Invisalign. Invisalign are a modern development and are clear and made from safe plastic, which makes them almost invisible. Because they are hardly noticeable, the patient avoids the embarrassment of wearing clearly visible metal braces.

Emergency Dentist - Dental Clinic and Implant Centre has its offices at 8F Gilbert Place, Holborn (British Museum), London, WC1A 2JD, which was chosen for the convenience of patients. It is accessible through various means, such as from the London Tube stations of Tottenham Court Road Station (Central line, Northern Line) and Holborn Station (Central line, Piccadilly line).

People who want to know more about the services being offered, especially the emergency dental services, can check out the Emergency Dentist - Dental Clinic and Implant Centre website, call them on the phone, or contact them through email.

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About Emergency Dentist - Dental Clinic and Implant Centre :

Our Emergency Dental Practice offers same-day service for dental emergencies in Central London, United Kingdom. We are open on out-of-hours: on the weekends, on Saturdays on Sundays.

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