David Hochberg Helps Homeowners Choose Among the Refinance Options to Get Better Rates or Cash

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Northbrook, Illinois -

David Hochberg - Mortgage Lender, based in Northbrook, IL, who helps with the home financing needs of people in Northbrook and surrounding areas, including Chicago, is focusing on the needs of current homeowners who are looking refinance their home to get cash from the equity that has accumulated in their home or to get better rates. He is also focused on serving the needs of veterans who are on the look out for the best possible home financing rate for their specific situation.

David Hochberg says, “A home refinancing means to pay off the current home financing deal and replace it with a new one. There are a number of possible reasons for wanting to refinance a home. First of all, it allows you to have a lower interest rate for the home funding arrangement. It also allows you to negotiate for a shorter term. And for those who have a variable rate home financing deal, they can have it modified to a fixed rate. And finally, you can take advantage of the equity that you have already accumulated to get some cash to fund a financial emergency, support a large purchase, or consolidate debt.”

Team Hochberg - Chicago

He reminds homeowners that there is a certain cost for going through the refinancing process and it also requires a title search, an appraisal, and the payment of application fees. That is why it is important to get a professional’s advice before finally deciding to go through with it. And among the various reasons for getting a refinance, getting a lower interest rate would be the best reason. Thus, it is a good idea to get a refinance when interest rates are low. But for those who want to take advantage of the accumulated home equity and turn it into cash, it is advisable to be very careful with this because it could cause the homeowner’s personal finance issues to worsen. Those who are interested in knowing more about David Hochberg and how he can help can check out his Twitter page.

David Hochberg also specializes in helping veterans get the home that they need. One key option for home financing for veterans and service members and their surviving spouses is the home program of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA offers a home financing guaranty that provides those who are qualified for the program with an easier way for purchasing, building, keeping, renovating, or adapting a home for personal occupancy. The financing for these VA home program comes from the private sector but it is the VA that offers to guaranty the financing deal in order to allow a no down payment deal, lower interest rates, and the elimination of the need for home financing insurance.

Another possibility is the home financing program provided by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The FHA home program is intended to help low- to moderate-income families who want to purchase their own home. This particular home financing option is insured by the US federal government although the funding is provided by a bank or financial institution that has been approved by the FHA. The key advantage of using the FHA home funding program is the lower minimum down payment compared to the down payment required by traditional home funding providers. In addition, those who have relatively low credit scores may still have the chance of getting approved.

David Hochberg is a radio talk show host at WGN Radio and he is the Vice President of Lending at Homeside Financial, which is a nationwide financial services firm that provides home funding services, home refinancing, and buying services. He believes in the importance of educating homeowners in Chicago and neighboring areas, regarding the whole refinancing process.

Those who are interested in learning more about home financing, refinancing and the other services offered by David Hochberg - Mortgage Lender can visit his website, or contact him on the telephone or through email. To learn more about David Hochberg and his services, people can also read the latest news article about him.

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Team Hochberg, powered by Homeside Financial, has been originating loans since 2000 and is licensed to provide mortgage lending services across the nation. They streamline the mortgage process to efficiently handle and close your loan in a matter of days.

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