Go Carpet Cleaning Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning In Dunwoody

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Atlanta, GA based Go Carpet Cleaning is reminding Dunwoody homeowners that their furniture and carpets require professional, specialized care on occasion in order to retain their visual appeal and longevity. As their name suggests, the company primarily offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services that are designed to accommodate the needs of virtually every type of carpet their customers may possess, but they can also handle upholstery, air ducts and more. Customers may get in touch today to schedule a visit from the team. More information can be found in media updates about the company.

According to the company, a carpet can accumulate around 40 lbs of dirt over the course of a single year. Homeowners likely believe that their vacuum cleaner can handle this, but the truth is it should be considered a tool that is suitable only for a certain situation. In this case, it can be used to perform daily maintenance on the carpet in question and prevent it from accumulating dirt too quickly (or cleaning up after a major spill).

Go Carpet Cleaning Dunwoody, GA

However, no vacuum cleaner can get out every speck of dirt there is, especially those trapped deep within a carpet’s fibers. Further, the company points out that vacuum cleaners themselves are known to be deeply unhygienic when left too long without a deep-clean. On this note, some experts recommend a deep clean be implemented every 12-18 months.

If this sounds like a hassle, Go Carpet Cleaning is pleased to reassure their community that their team will always be pleased to take over responsibility for all their carpets. When a customer trusts their carpets to the company, Go Carpet Cleaning will dispatch skilled cleaners who may use a variety of techniques to quickly and thoroughly perform a cleaning. For instance, they may utilize hot water extraction as a cleansing approach that removes stains by completely cleaning the fibers of the carpet in a non-toxic method — without any harsh chemicals. Since the majority of homes are actively in use, the company is committed to using cleaning products that are considered safe for children and pets as well. None of their techniques will adversely affect any of a property’s residents.

Go Carpet Cleaning has worked with numerous customers whose requirements were as diverse as their respective lifestyles, but the company has managed to build a universally respected reputation due to their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. While the company’s standards are beyond question, they believe that the customer’s opinion is what matters most, so they often go above and beyond to reassure homeowners that their carpets and other items are in good hands. In many cases, for instance, the team is called for help with an emergency cleaning that needs to be completed fast. Thanks to their years in the industry, Go Carpet Cleaning can effectively prioritize areas that need the most work and assign their team members according to their skill and experience. The result of this is evident in virtually every job they take on.

Alex E. shares in their 5-Star Google review, “Ben was amazin! Our AirBnb was trashed by a guest, and we needed to turn the house around within 36 hours for our next guests. When Ben arrived, he thought the call was solely for carpet cleaning but when he learned we needed spot rug and upholstery cleaning, he reassured us that he would research the correct chemical solution(s) and make it happen. He cleaned everything perfectly! Cleanliness is the most important aspect of our AirBnb business. We will definitely keep him in our contact list. Thank you, Ben!”

Go Carpet Cleaning explains that their team is always open to exploring new options, and this is tempered by an understanding of their own limitations. In this instance, the technician knew that they were up to the challenge and proceeded accordingly. If, however, this had not been the case, the customer would still have had the support they required, even if other technicians had to be called in to assist. Go Carpet Cleaning understands that results are what matter to their community, and they are accustomed to delivering on expectations at every turn.

Customers may look up Go Carpet Cleaning’s updates on their online listing. They also provide additional services that include cleaning traffic patterns, upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning, rug cleaning, pet stains and odors cleaning and more. Go Carpet Cleaning is pleased to accommodate both residential and commercial customers in Dunwoody and beyond.

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About Go Carpet Cleaning :

Go Carpet Cleaning is a local professional carpet cleaning company. Our cleaning method is steam cleaning, we use the finest quality cleaning solutions which are safe for human and pets.

Contact Go Carpet Cleaning:

Gal Biton

3089 Colonial Way #A, Atlanta, GA 30341, United States

+1 678-818-5698

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