Naturally Green Cleaning Offers Organic Carpet Cleaning for Residential And Commercial Carpet

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Naturally Green Cleaning is proud to announce their all natural, organic carpet cleaning formulas that they use to clean businesses and homes in a way that’s completely safe for kids, pets, and those with allergies, and minimally harmful to the environment as well. The cleaning formulas were designed by Naturally Green Cleaning founder Bryan Angstman, who previously worked for the EPA and for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Minnesota, where he investigated incidents of sick building syndrome, where people living or working in a building become seriously ill due to chemicals present in the building. One thing he noticed while doing this work was that certain cleaning solutions tended to exacerbate symptoms in people with allergies or other sensitivities. Armed with this observation, Bryan Angstman set out to create a safe, natural and organic cleaning solution that wouldn’t aggravate the allergies and sensitivities of his clients.

When he started his carpet cleaning business, with a focus on natural and organic cleaning products, Angstman found that many of the natural cleaning solutions available on the market frequently aggravated his clients’ allergies, and very few of the available natural cleaning products were especially good at actually cleaning. Because he was passionate about providing safe and natural carpet cleaning services, Angstman was determined to find a solution that would clean as well as the best synthetic cleaning products on the market without bothering his clients’ sensitivities. The available producers failed to provide what he was looking for - some even laughed at him for having such high standards - but eventually Angstman was able to find a cleaning solution developer who would help him make the best natural carpet cleaning solution. Interested readers can find more information on the Naturally Green Cleaning Facebook page. Angstman worked personally with solution developer John Watt to design a carpet cleaning solution that would clean well without harming people, animals, or upholstery. After several iterations, they are now working on a full line of home cleaning products, and currently have pet safe, allergy friendly solutions available for all purpose cleaning, floor cleaning, screen cleaning, leather conditioning, and carpet and upholstery spot removal.

Naturally Green Cleaning offers a full suite of carpet and upholstery cleaning services for homes and businesses in Southern California. For anyone who wants their mattress cleaned, for example, Naturally Green Cleaning offers steam cleaning for mattresses, which is particularly effective at removing dust mites, mold, and other microorganisms that can exacerbate people’s allergies and tend to reside in upholstery. Steam cleaning is good for many kinds of mattresses, from foam mattresses, to regular mattresses, futons, and pillow tops. Like carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning can improve the health of everyone in the home by eliminating the allergens and contaminants that trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma. Located in Manhattan Beach, Naturally Green Cleaning serves a section of eastern Los Angeles, including the cities of Torrance, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach.

Naturally Green Cleaning has 4.8 stars on Google Maps from 18 reviews, with one recent review reading “Naturally Green Cleaning have always done a really good job. I'm sensitive to scents and their technicians are always very accommodating in that regard. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a deep cleaning service without toxic chemicals.” Customers who suffer from allergies, the customers that were the focus of founder Bryan Angstman’s efforts, really appreciate Naturally Green Cleaning and the difference their allergy friendly cleaning processes have made in their lives.

As an eco friendly carpet cleaning company in Southern California, Naturally Green Cleaning uses low moisture carpet cleaning, rather than steam cleaning to clean carpets. Low moisture cleaning methods save a significant amount of water compared to steam cleaning, and is much better for carpets as well. Studies done by major motel chains that clean their carpets quarterly have shown that switching from steam cleaning to low moisture cleaning can nearly double the life of a carpet.

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Naturally Green Cleaning provides carpet cleaning services, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning services in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, CA.

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