Ellis-Lopez Travel Contributes To Student Debt Reduction This Juneneenth

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Ellis-Lopez Travel, a Germantown, MD based travel agency, recently pledged 50% of their commission toward lessening the burden of student debt this Juneteenth. While Juneteenth is a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States, student debt is a crisis that is still keeping many Americans shackled. This is why Ellis-Lopez Travel has decided to do their part to help free people from this burden. This is especially true for students from HBCUs. Student debt affects family creation, home ownership, travel and a number of other aspects of people's lives, keeping them trapped in a cycle of debt repayment.

There is a concern that people’s attitude toward education has been affected by the extreme cost and the unending burden it places on the individual for years into the future. Jerry Ellis, an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the travel industry, has dedicated his life toward trying to tackle the student debt issue. Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating emancipation, is the perfect opportunity to start the process of liberating those who are still held down by student debt.

The company says, “This travel multiplier program will allow folks to book their travel plans through my comprehensive offerings and have the satisfaction of emancipating students from the crushing weight of student debt. The initial recipient of this generosity will be Clark Atlanta University, Jerry’s alma mater. He has established a partnership with Clark Atlanta University to formalize his conviction. He has also established a special online portal to realize this engagement possibility. He hopes to make a first transfer of monies to Clark Atlanta University as a healthy promise of this possibility.”

Jerry Ellis is a travel entrepreneur whose personal experience with student debt has much to do with his commitment to ending student debt. He was offered debt reduction grace as a college sophomore at Clark Atlanta University, which allowed him to complete his education at this institution. He is currently at the head of small businesses that are striving to use their business enterprises to reduce the debt of those who simply wish to pursue an education. He entered into a formal partnership with Clark Atlanta to give half of his earnings from travel bookings. He calls this initiative the travel multiplier because it gives travelers priceless memories while enabling students and giving them opportunities they would not normally have access to. Becoming a travel multiplier is as simple as booking a flight, hotel or car rental through Ellis’ website.

Ellis takes great pleasure in helping people get to where they want to be, both in terms of travel and in terms of their careers. “I have been a proud resident of Clarksburg, Maryland since November 2008,” he says. “Not only do I enjoy the company of people, but it gives me great satisfaction to exceed their expectations. Getting customers safely to their destination and back home is my top priority! Caring for passengers is not new to me. I drove for rideshare companies from May 2015 to March 2020. The experience was very enjoyable, and it broadened my knowledge of technology and people in general. I launched my own private car service in April 2021 to serve Montgomery County and surrounding areas.”

Ellis-Lopez Travel is one of the most trusted travel services around, thanks to a number of reasons. There are many travel agencies in the region, for instance, but few offer the same quality of service as Ellis-Lopez Travel. They have a live receptionist that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to emergencies or flight delays. All their drivers are vaccinated against COVID-19. Trips are very easy to book through the agency’s website, and when it comes to their vehicles, Ellis-Lopez Travel uses newer vehicles with leather interiors that are both smoke and animal-free. They also offer travel advice and free travel checklists that can make traveling a lot easier to plan. All of this is in addition to their special travel portal which will now help college students with their debt.

To book a trip, interested parties may visit Ellis-Lopez Travel’s website. They may also learn more about the agency and their initiatives for college students via their social media platforms.

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