Canberra Contractor Offers Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

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ACT based PC Concreting Canberra is reaching out to local homeowners who would like to have their concrete driveways resurfaced. Since their team is capable of offering a range of concrete services, the company recognizes that many surfaces simply need professional attention rather than a full replacement. Today, they are fielding calls and emails from customers who would like to give their driveways a fresh look.

The biggest benefit to resurfacing a concrete driveway is the fact that it costs much less than a full replacement. As many homeowners and others are already aware, a concrete driveway adds both curb appeal and value to a property, especially given how durable the material is and how many years of wear and tear it can sustain. However, this durability is not without its limits, and even concrete will need to be evaluated again after a certain period. Thanks to modern resurfacing techniques, homeowners can effectively extend their concrete driveways’ longevity and value without having to make as much of a financial investment.

concrete resurfacing canberra

The process is quite simple. PC Concreting Canberra says that concrete resurfacing does exactly what the name implies; the old concrete surface is removed, following which a new layer of concrete is installed. Notably, customers who wish to modify their concrete driveways to some degree may also make their wishes known prior to the point as it can influence the specific manner by which the company will carry out the installation. Depending on what the customer’s needs are, they may utilize either troweling, spraying or stamping to install the new layer (in a variety of colors, textures, and so on).

PC Concreting Canberra advises customers to be on the lookout for signs that may indicate their concrete driveway needs to be looked at by a professional. While some symptoms may take root beneath the surface of the driveway, many are much easier to spot, and a watchful homeowner can identify when the time is right for a resurfacing. For instance, one of the most common signs they can observe is visible cracks on the surface. Driven by changes in weather, humidity and regular use, even small cracks will gradually grow larger and deeper. The company says cracks at this size are often easy to fix simply by filling them in, but they can also indicate a much larger issue at play, such as underground soil movement weakening the base of the concrete. Here, a bigger intervention will be needed to stabilize and correct the fault.

Another common sign is when water fails to drain from the surface as intended. Pools of water forming in the middle of the driveway are an excellent indicator that the drainage system is not working, and resurfacing may be necessary to correct this. If left unattended, the company says the water will actually erode the concrete faster wherever it pools, leaving an uneven and unattractive surface behind. Eventually, this will be costlier to fix.

Many customers have already learned to heed the company’s recommendations. Callum T. says in their Google review, “I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship and professionalism of this company. They were able to complete my concrete driveway in less than one week, despite other contractors taking two weeks or more. I was so pleased that I hired them again for a second job on another project at my house. The price is reasonable, the staff are friendly and helpful, and they always meet their deadlines without fail!”

Another customer comments on the company’s work after having engaged them several times over the years. Gabriel W. says, “I have been using this company for a few years now, and they are always on time, reliable and do excellent work. The customer service is also great! I was looking for a company to help me with my driveway, and I came across PC Concrete. The company is run by experienced contractors who have been in the business for years. They offer reasonable pricing, fixed price, on time, on budget, quality workmanship, and all work guaranteed. I had them do some concrete work for me last year, and they did an excellent job.”

Customers may reach out to John Boone of PC Concreting Canberra if they wish to request an estimate for concrete resurfacing or any other concrete-related service in Canberra. More information can be found here: Driveway Resurfacing Canberra.

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