Fort Lauderdale Woman Thanks Serenity Oaks Addiction Treatment Center for Changing Her Life

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida -

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Whether it destroys everything that once mattered or literally causes death, addiction can take life away at any moment. One Fort Lauderdale woman was able to take hers back with the recovery programs at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, a treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Amy S. was so grateful she left an enthusiastic 5-star review on Google.

Serenity Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

“I cannot thank this place enough for giving me my life back,” she wrote. “I was completely lost, empty, full of darkness and self-hatred. Today, I can say that I am the complete opposite of all of those things!”

Serenity Oaks Wellness treats various addictions involving alcohol and drugs that include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and prescription painkillers. While treatment may vary, the goal is the same: The client clarifies the source of their addiction and then looks at the habits and influences that may have led to their addiction. They find new ways of coping with these stresses, the key to lasting sobriety.

At Serenity Oaks, treatment is customized according to the client’s needs because, just as each person has a different addiction experience, their treatment experience must also be unique. Many clients receive treatment for multiple substances, not just one, for instance, and their unique combination has a specific treatment protocol. For many clients, addiction is just a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological condition; they “self-medicate” the real problem with alcohol or drugs. Treatment must tackle both conditions, or the addict will eventually relapse because they have not resolved the root of their issues.

All programs at Serenity Oaks take a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. Treatment follows the current strategy of integrating medical and behavioral modalities and adding life skills and recreational therapy for a holistic approach that covers the totality of client needs: physical, mental, emotional, and social. Its treatment specialists know dependence affects all four aspects of the client’s life and must be addressed holistically.

For Amy, treatment was effective, but she found it was the treatment team who made the difference.

“The therapists here are top-notch!” she said. “The staff is excellent as well. The individual therapy sessions and the group sessions are equally valuable.”

Treatment at Serenity Oaks is, literally, a team affair. Clients and staff work together as one collaborative entity, walking each client’s journey together and working to build a peaceful, fulfilling life of possibilities free of chemical stimulation. It is a judgment-free zone where clients can focus on their recovery and know they have teammates who share their goal of seeing them achieve sobriety.

Serenity Oaks’ physical facilities are also a crucial part of the recovery process. The center is located on 7.5 naturally landscaped acres, creating an environment of tranquility so essential to recovery. Deluxe accommodations include comfortable amenities. These are not just pampering luxuries, but enable clients to focus on their recovery and see that the sober life can be a happy one.

For Amy S., everything about Serenity Oaks Wellness was a positive experience.

If you’re open-minded and willing, this place can change your life!” she wrote in her review.

Amy came from darkness into light and credits the support and guidance she received in treatment. “I owe it all to Serenity Oaks Wellness Center and the hard work that I did there and the lessons and tools I learned and continue to practice in my daily life now.”

For more information on drug or alcohol addiction treatment, including related emotional or psychological disorders, visit Serenity Oaks Wellness Center or call (833) 720-0708.

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