Dakota County Divorce Attorney Helps Clients Secure Their Future

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Eagan, MN based Amundson Law Office is prepared to put their team’s considerable resources at the disposal of clients who are undergoing divorce proceedings. Whether the client initiated the divorce or was served by their spouse, the fact remains that they need to approach the issue with a sound plan to ensure their future will be accounted for. As a legal expert with considerable experience in Family Law, Amundson Law Office is ready and willing to ensure every client gets the professional representation they deserve.

The Dakota County divorce lawyer understands that divorces can be difficult even in the best of times. Should both parties be amicable, willing to move forward and work together for a mutually beneficial outcome, they will still have to grapple with a variety of questions and challenges before the divorce is finalized. Their concerns will likely touch on their respective finances, living arrangements, the division of assets accumulated over years of marriage, the best course of action for their children and more. Each of these topics is complex in its own right, and a divorce typically requires the involved parties to negotiate on every aspect before its conclusion.

Lisa Amundson

This notably becomes much more difficult if one or more parties is unwilling to be productive, for whatever reason. Whether justified or not, animosity can make divorces much more complicated — and take much longer to settle, which is why the law office’s primary advice to people in this situation is always to approach negotiations in good faith. Fortunately, whether both parties are able to achieve this or not, Amundson Law Office can provide the guidance they need to keep matters moving forward.

“We strive to advocate for your best interests in the legal proceedings,” the firm explains, “so you can focus on establishing your new life. Our principal attorney, Lisa Amundson, will work with you to understand your situation, be available to answer any questions you may have and keep you updated on the status of your case. With her by your side, you can always rest assured that every action you take is backed by sound legal advice.” Amundson’s presence has already proven invaluable to her clients — her insight has helped many work with their former partner, figure out how to divide sentimental or valuable assets and even make a good impression with their child support magistrate.

Most people going through a divorce are doing so for the first time, and they therefore are unlikely to be familiar with the legal processes involved. In turn, this will make it difficult for them to identify which firm they should trust. To help resolve this, Amundson Law Office offers a free initial consultation to any new client who is facing a divorce or other family law issue. The firm acknowledges that there are hundreds of attorneys who will each claim to offer the best services in this regard. However, they encourage clients to be as selective as possible since their way of life may rest on this decision.

For their part, Amundson Law Office’s free initial consultation gives clients the opportunity to meet the team — especially Lisa Amundson herself — and ask as many questions as they wish to gauge if the law office is a good fit for their needs. In the event they decide they would like to proceed, Amundson will walk them through what to expect in terms of process, timeline and more, including how much they can expect to pay in legal fees.

From then on, the client will always be kept apprised of where they stand and how the case is progressing. Amundson says this is crucial since it gives them more time to make informed decisions even in stressful situations. Fortunately, they can always consult with Amundson if they need to discuss any matter in further detail.

Lisa Amundson and her team continue to make themselves available to clients in need despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. Clients need only contact them by phone or email to inquire about their legal services, availability for free consultations or even Covid-specific protocols. See more here:

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Whether you are facing divorce, a child custody hearing or other family law situation, I can help. I offer a free initial consultation to new clients. Call today and work with an experienced and effective family law attorney in the Eagan, MN area

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