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Contractors State License Center Is Offering Home Study Courses For The California Contractor License Exam

May 10, 2022
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Contractors State License Center, a contractor school in Southern California that has been helping students get their contracting license since 1974, is offering home study courses for those who like to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their residence.

In the state of California, the Contractor State License Board administers the contractor license exam which allows those with experience in their chosen trade to be recognized as licensed contractors. There are several benefits to getting a contractors license such as the chance to own a professional construction company, the ability to have labor and other contractors work under the license holder, the ability to bid on larger more profitable projects, being able to legally write off expenses such as gas, tool costs, trucks, home office, etc., finding work as a free agent and getting to set one’s hours, increasing income potential through legal means, becoming a respected member of the community, protecting one’s family's future, avoid losing out on jobs due to a lack of certified qualifications, and more.

The test administered by the Contractors State License Board is a difficult one as it requires an in-depth study of two separate domains. The first component is the Law and Business examination which covers topics such as project/job management, licensing, bookkeeping, bid procedures, safety, contracts, liens, dispute resolution, employee issues, insurance, and special circumstances. The second component is a test that covers the specific trade or certification area that one is applying for. It covers information about codes, safety, and other questions that are specific to the trade. Most examinations include questions that refer to accompanying blueprints and/or booklets containing drawings.

A spokesperson for Contractors State License Center talks about the difficulty of the contractor license exam by saying, “Getting a contractor’s license in California is no easy feat as you will be tested on the minutiae of the law, business processes, and the intricacies of the trade that you are trying to master. You need to put in dedicated efforts over a significant time to stand a chance to pass the exam on your first try. Be prepared to burn the midnight oil, poring over books and preparing yourself for everything that you need to know to pass the exam and prove your capabilities for providing high-quality contracting services in California. ”

To help aspirants clear the exam, Contractors State License Center is providing California contractors home study courses and in-classroom sessions. The home study program allows students to purchase the tutor’s books, study guides, and practice exams to prepare for the test by studying the materials at home. The course materials include easy reading guides for construction, law, business, trade, and math, practice exams, videos, audiotapes, and CDs.

The spokesperson then explains the benefits provided by the home study course by saying, “Though we encourage in-school instruction for our students, most of them are working full time to support themselves and won’t be able to take the time out of their busy schedules to attend class. We completely understand their needs and have thus designed the take-home course materials to make their study experience at home as independent and as self-contained as possible. The materials are exhaustive, answering all the questions that you may have about the rules and regulations for contractors enforced by the state of California. Our materials are organized in a logical and easy-to-understand format that simplifies the study process. You won’t get stuck on any section. If you do end up requiring extra help, we are always available to hear you out or meet you at a time of your choosing. We even have a full-time contractor on staff who is continually researching the test requirements and updating the relevant classes, study materials, and practice tests to reflect the changes as required by the state of California.”

Readers looking to sign up for the home study courses at the best contractors license school Los Angeles has to offer can contact Contractors State License Center at (800) 562-0008 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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The California contractor license exam is challenging and most people need some outside assistance or study material in order to pass it. Contractors State License Center has been a contractor school in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

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