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Nassim Road, Singapore: Based out of the island city of Singapore, Vasudha Kedia is pleased to announce the launch of her graphic design services platform: Drama Llama Designs. As a freelance graphic designer, Kedia offers her clients a great deal of flexibility in terms of budgets. Interested parties may contact Vasudha today to request a quote for their next project. For more information visit:

Although the company has been founded only recently, Kedia brings with her more than a decade of experience in graphic design and art including clients in India and Hong Kong. Vasudha has a comprehensive understanding of the value of creativity and how it must be tempered to accommodate a given objective. Clients, Kedia says, will want their projects to reflect certain ideals and deliver specific messages. While personal creativity may be considered a hindrance at larger design agencies, at Drama Llama Designs, it is used to the client’s benefit since Vasudha Kedia is always willing to work closely with them during the initial phase of a project.

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Vasudha explains that she begins every project by interviewing the client about the nature of the design they want. In some cases, the challenges involved are fairly straightforward and require little to no input (as the client prefers). On the other hand, some clients need designs that reflect their brand identity and history - whether they are just getting started or have been in business for quite some time. In either situation, Vasudha Kedia understands the gravity of the work at hand and coordinates with the client to ensure their needs are met and their vision is brought to life.

Clients who simply wish to have a beautiful piece of artwork created may ask Vasudha Kedia to apply her personal creativity to the project. After running some options and ideas past them, she will get to work, and the client can rest assured that they will appreciate what she creates. However, Vasudha also specializes in conceptualizing digital and print design, branding, logos, restaurant design, event design, social media designs, marketing materials and more, and such projects naturally require a great deal more input from the client. Vasudha Kedia’s technical expertise proves to be a great complement to her creativity, and clients can expect her to professionally set aside her personal tastes in order to support their vision.

“[The client’s] vision means a great deal,” Kedia says, “in both personal and financial terms. While I will always share my opinions and recommendations, the final say is always the client’s, and my job is to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for and exceed project expectations. I encourage my clients to share all their ideas since this is the foundation every great project is built on.”

Vasudha Kedia understands that some clients may feel uncomfortable getting too involved in the design process since they do not see themselves as artistic individuals. She assures them that they need not be too concerned; all they have to do is share what the design is intended to accomplish (what message it needs to deliver or what purpose it serves), following which she can create a series of mock-ups that the client can use to narrow down their preferences. Once they come to a decision, the next stage is to build on the mock-up, adding detail and structure to bring the design to life so that it is eye-catching whilst leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Vasudha Kedia also designs motivational posters, event banners, restaurant menus and even full series of posts suited for a social media campaign.

Vasudha Kedia wants to help her clients build a strong brand identity, and she is more than willing to lend her creativity and passion to every project. Those interested in designing their next marketing campaign, business logo, marketing materials for an event, wedding invitations and anything that requires creativity are welcome to contact Vasudha today to get started. Vasudha Kedia can be reached via her website or social media platforms. Visit Drama Llama Designs online here:

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About Drama Llama Designs :

Wit over 13 years of experience, Vasudha Kedia specialises in conceptualising digital and print design, branding, logos, restaurant designs, event designing, social media designs, marketing materials and anything that requires creativity!

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