Surna Cultivation Technologies to Attend Lift Cannabis Business Expo 2022 in Toronto

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Boulder, Colorado -

Surna Cultivation Technologies, a provider of energy and resource efficient technology for commercial plant growers who work with indoor or other controlled agriculture environments, has announced that they will be attending the Lift Cannabis Business Conference, which is Canada’s premiere gathering of top business leaders, subject matter experts, innovators and regulators across the cannabis industry.

Speakers, presentations and panels at the Lift Cannabis Business Conference, or LCBC, offer comprehensive education on the most important issues facing the cannabis industry today. This year, the event will be happening in Toronto on May 12, and be followed by the Lift&Co Expo Industry Days and Consumer Day. Surna will be occupying Booth 609 of the Expo Hall from May 12 through May 15th, discussing their products and the cannabis industry. Lift&Co. Expo Toronto will be an excellent opportunity for cannabis professionals and businesses to network and connect with other professionals and businesses in the cannabis industry, as well as to receive a world class education about the latest cannabis related issues.

Surna at Lift&Co. Expo 2022

Surna Cultivation Technologies has been providing technological solutions to indoor growers for over fifteen years. They leverage their experience with both commercial construction and controlled environment agriculture to help growers design and build top tier cultivation facilities while completing construction projects on time and within budget. With cultivation facilities for controlled environment agriculture, every piece needs to be able to work together seamlessly for the cultivation facility to be able to grow the plants they want to cultivate effectively. This is especially true for cannabis production, as cannabis plants are generally quite picky about the environments they can grow in.

Cannabis growers want to get maximum possible output of smokable flower and resin, so they want a cultivation facility that’s designed to grow healthy and happy plants with minimal fussing, because healthy and happy plants make the most flowers. Cannabis plants like to have lots of light and plenty of water, and require specific nutrients to grow big and strong. Many cannabis plants also require a specific ratio of sunlight to darkness to produce flowers at all, so a good system for regulating the cycles of light and darkness within the cultivation facility is a must. The plant’s nutritional needs change after it is flowering as well, with nitrogen rich fertilizers helping to promote lush foliage growth and phosphorus rich fertilizers promoting the growth of flowers and fruit.

Finally, cannabis plants like to have a lot of air, as they can absorb most of the carbon dioxide available around them in under a minute. As such, cannabis cultivation facilities need to have powerful ventilation systems to keep fresh carbon dioxide flowing around the plants and remove the stale oxygen they produce as waste and cannot use. Not only does Surna have extensive experience designing HVAC systems for cannabis cultivation facilities, they know how to make these HVAC systems energy efficient, which can help growers avoid large energy bills associated with their cultivation operation while increasing yield.

Surna Cultivation Technologies has completed over 800 cultivation facility projects across the US and Canada, including over 200 commercial scale projects in the last three years alone. They have worked with all kinds of cultivation technologies and setups, and their teams of project managers, licensed professional engineers, technology specialists and systems integration experts can help any grower design and build the cultivation facility that works for their needs. They offer design, installation, a number of equipment products necessary to cultivation facilities, and maintenance services.

The company also posts information about their business and cultivation technologies in general on their Twitter. Anyone interested in learning more about Surna Cultivation Technologies or the products and services they offer can visit the company website or contact them for more info. Surna Cultivation Technologies is greatly looking forward to attending the Lift Cannabis Business Conference in Toronto in May and sharing more about their business with the attendees there.

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About Surna Cultivation Technologies :

Surna, Inc is headquartered in Boulder and brings value-added climate control solutions to the cannabis industry. Surna helps improve crop yield, optimize energy & water efficiency, and satisfy state and local codes, permitting and regulations.

Contact Surna Cultivation Technologies:

Jamie English

385 S. Pierce Avenue, Ste. C
Louisville, CO 80027

(303) 993-5271

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