Real Estate Professionals Pursue Success With Launch Control’s Text Messaging Platform

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Atlanta, Georgia -

Tampa, FL based Launch Control is pleased to offer real estate professionals a platform to quickly reach house sellers and buyers via SMS services. Today’s real estate professional has to grapple with a number of challenges, so the company encourages their community to use every tool at their disposal to help guarantee a more consistent stream of income.

Launch Control’s text messaging facilities are one such tool that put real estate agents and other parties directly in contact with interested buyers and sellers. The company is proud to share that their work has led them to be recognized as both the top-rated and highest converting platform in the industry, and their customers can attest to this fact. Users prefer it to alternatives primarily because it offers a variety of functions that directly apply to the real estate industry, making deals both more convenient and accessible. While the service offers three distinct plans (Lite, Core and Pro), one of the platform’s most notable aspects is that it offers every user the benefit of access to Blacklist Alliance, a premium litigator scrubbing service that protects against predatory litigation. Launch Control clarifies that they are fully TCPA compliant, but this does not stop them from protecting users with no fewer than 5 levels of defense against such malicious parties.

However, this is just the foundation that Launch Control is built upon. The platform is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of services that facilitate virtually every aspect of a real estate professional’s daily routine, from tracking and comparing campaign performance, testing the viability of message content (A/B message split testing), examining response rates and more. Users can also access a breakdown of their results and performance, based on daily, weekly or even monthly metrics. Launch Control adds that they can use their all-in-one messaging dashboard to find local phone numbers, run drip campaigns (via text messaging) and more. The platform takes the additional measure of employing a proprietary routing algorithm to connect users with valuable leads.

Launch Control’s services go even further. They offer premium skip tracing for real estate, an invaluable tool that can connect real estate professionals with the owners of seemingly unused or empty properties. Such properties may often present a hidden opportunity in that the owner may ultimately be willing to sell it for a reasonable price but be unaware of this possibility or perhaps even unable to do so. A real estate professional who takes the time to track them down may be met with a dead end — but their efforts may also be rewarded with the purchase of a property that can later be sold for much more.

Launch Control’s skip tracing services combine several tools to automate several aspects of this journey, but they advise their users to remember that it can still be an intensive task. For instance, while the service can make it much easier for the agent to find a potential seller, the former still has to make contact and negotiate with the property owner in order to proceed with the sale. There is some advantage here in that such property owners tend to be motivated sellers — the fact that the agent had to use skip tracing to locate them can mean no other agent has spoken to them yet. However, they still have to make an effort to learn as much about the owner as they can to uncover what would motivate them to sell. In other words, knowing what the owner needs will allow the agent to understand what options they would find most attractive.

On this note, the company adds that skip tracing need not be used exclusively to find houses for the real estate professional to purchase. A variety of outcomes can be beneficial to both agent and seller, such as simply helping them proceed with selling to another party. In certain cases, offering them insight on their options can help build a rewarding relationship that pays dividends down the line. Each case is unique, so each must be approached on a personal basis. Learn more here:

More information about Launch Control’s text messaging platform for real estate professionals, their skip tracing services and more can be found on their official website. Michael Bartolomei of Launch Control is on hand to respond to any further inquiries via phone or email as well.

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About Launch Control :

Getting the word out about potential real estate opportunities requires attention to detail and a good understanding of modern marketing strategies. One of those strategies involves Professional SMS messaging for real estate and it can work wonders.

Contact Launch Control:

Michael Bartolomei

Launch Labs, LLC

101 S 12th St. #102

Tampa, FL 33602


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