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Real Estate Skip Tracing Service Now Available To Florida Investors

January 07, 2022
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Atlanta, Georgia -

Tampa, FL based Launch Control is pleased to announce that they now provide a comprehensive and all-inclusive skip tracing service for real estate investors throughout the USA. Given how competitive the real estate industry has become in the last decade alone, the company is fully aware that investors need every advantage they can get to succeed. As such, they are proud to offer a service that both maximizes their clients’ profits and helps guarantee an enduring pipeline of leads.

The company explains that skip tracing generally refers to the process of locating an individual who is difficult to find via more conventional means. Such individuals tend to attempt to go into hiding or ‘skip’ town for one reason or another, making them extremely difficult to pinpoint. However, this difficulty also presents an opportunity for those who can see the advantage in these situations. In real estate, for instance, skip tracing allows investors to seize the chance to get in on investment opportunities that their peers are less likely to have access to. Since so few will have the resources to locate people who are intentionally trying to disappear, investors who take the effort to do so (or partner with a service that specializes in this field) will have less competition to contend with. Skip tracing’s ultimate goal is to uncover certain details about a property owner, such as their name, current address, phone number and email address.

Launch Control clarifies that real estate skip tracing does not necessarily have to come at the cost of the individual trying to disappear. In fact, locating them may well work to both parties’ mutual advantage since they may be unaware that selling the property they own can help them out of any financial trouble they may be in. The company says that investors often come across properties whose owners have left because they did not believe it would fetch any appreciable value on the market. However, even distressed or vacated properties can be excellent investments in the right hands, and both buyers and owners alike can get a good deal for a property that might otherwise go under-utilized for years.

Owners in this situation are unlikely to have made any plans to sell their property, and the mere fact that they are difficult to find means that the first investor who locates them will have more leeway to develop an agreement without interference from a competitor. Where the owner may be able to make a sale that they did not think possible, the investor will be able to negotiate an excellent deal without competing offers sidetracking the process.

Furthermore, given that skip tracing explicitly deals with properties that have yet to be listed openly, investors have access to a greater pool of clients and properties than others who rely solely on public posts or even a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Launch Control adds that the less competitive atmosphere of these deals can allow investors to earn a decent profit over the course of several sales rather than having to see their profit margins fluctuate between properties. This consistency is key to ensuring long-term growth.

However, the company recognizes that many investors will simply not have the tools or resources to begin skip tracing and reap these benefits. Fortunately, their premium service is designed to accomplish exactly that, providing up to a 98% match rate — and their clients are notably only responsible for matches that directly place them in contact with property owners. Each result is live, so clients do not have to wait to get the information they need to reach out to a property owner and begin negotiations.

Launch Control’s skip tracing service is designed specifically to serve the needs of real estate investors. As a result, the information they provide includes property deals, mortgage amounts, tax information and much more. Investors may get in touch with Michael Bartolomei of Launch Control or reach out to the company’s other representatives through their respective social media channels if they require further clarification. They may also learn more here: Skip Tracing Real Estate.

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