David Hochberg Offers VA Home Programs

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Northbrook, Illinois -

Northbrook, Illinois based David Hochberg would like to reach out to local residents who may be in search of a specialist who deals with mortgages for veterans in Illinois. Hochberg focuses on helping veterans secure financial aid in order to obtain mortgages in Northbrook and beyond, but his experience allows him to assist a variety of clients. First time homebuyers, for instance, can rely on David Hochberg to help them through the process of securing funding at the very best rates while current homeowners can get help finding great deals on refinancing their homes for cash or better rates. His website, which offers a lot of information about financing in Northbrook, can be found here:

According to a number of sources, including Hochberg himself, this is the right time to purchase a home in Northbrook. Veterans are encouraged to act decisively if they want to buy a home as the housing market in Northbrook moves very quickly. Hochberg’s expert advice, which covers everything from financing the first purchase to refinancing and beyond, ensures that veterans in Northbrook have all the guidance they need to make all the right choices on their journey toward owning a home.

“The US real estate market is full of opportunities for veterans who want to own a home,” says Hochberg. “A lot of opportunities means a lot of options, but it also means that the average person might have trouble determining which the best offer for them is. Choosing the mortgage or refinancing option that offers the most benefits and the best repayment plans is a very difficult choice for anyone to make, especially considering how the Northbrook real estate market can be very difficult for newcomers to navigate. Even people with years of experience in owning a home might have trouble knowing what to do and when to do it. This is why homeowners and aspiring homeowners are encouraged to work with an expert who knows the real estate market inside and out who can help them make informed decisions.”

The real estate market varies greatly from one area to another, and Northbrook is no exception to this rule. The way the market works in one state may not be true in a place as near as the next state over, which makes having a professional to offer advice when purchasing a house in a particular area even more important.

Veterans, like most people who are inexperienced with buying houses, tend to go for the most attractive option when purchasing a home — and David Hochberg advises against this in many cases. While these offers may be very attractive initially, they are often inferior to other options that are likely to come up later. Often, inexperienced buyers sign agreements without fully understanding the associated implications, and it is the duty of experts like Hochberg to help buyers understand what they are getting into. Visit David Hochberg’s Instagram page at for more.

“I personally choose to take a careful approach with every case,” he says. “I believe that it is always best to make an informed decision, so I make it a priority to make sure my clients are educated on all their options and the effects of said options. I have helped veterans and non-veterans get the very best deals on mortgages and refinancing, and I am always willing to help others find their dream home and the best ways to finance it.”

Hochberg has held a variety of positions in the world of Northbrook real estate (and real estate in general). He is a radio talk show host at WGN Radio and the Vice President of Lending at Homeside. He formerly worked as a talk show host at Home Sweet Home Chicago and is the former president and owner of Townstone Financial, and he has adopted many other roles over the course of his career. He helps people get great deals on mortgages in Northbrook and also helps current homeowners refinance their homes. With his years of experience, he is every aspiring Northbrook property owner’s preferred advisor. Get in contact with David Hochberg for advice on all things property in Northbrook through Facebook at

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