Legally Defensible Court Appraisals a Specialty of Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services

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Roseville-based Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has a long history of performing land and tax appraisals that are detailed and accurate. So much so, that they are known as one of the area’s go-to services when it comes to one of their specialties which is legally defensible court appraisals. This is something that its clients have come to depend on when real estate appraisals become a part of any type of court proceeding.

The head appraiser at the company, Clark Goset, says, “We here at Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services take our work very seriously because many times when we do an appraisal, we know that information will be used in various real estate and other types of court cases. That’s why our clients can always count on us using our extensive real estate expetize to produce accurate and legally defensible real property values for them. By using all of the latest and best real estate appraisal methods, we ensure that our work will not only stand up in the marketplace but stand up in court as well. That way our clients tend to spend less time in court; especially when complicated and adversarial interests become part of the equation.”

Goset went on to say that real estate appraisals are being relied on more than ever to help make determinations in legal proceedings. This makes it paramount for people to hire a skilled and reputable real estate appraisal service such as them when they need legally defensible court appraisals done. He stated that this has resulted in a wide variety of clients coming to rely on their expert testimony services. Included in this list are government agencies, tax entities, financial institutions, legal & accounting firms, and many other businesses. Their appraisals have also been used in several different types of settlement and court proceedings. This includes legal matters concerning loan underwriting, litigation support, insurance disputes, eminent domain takings, municipal assessment, relocations, and foreclosures.

Their appraisals have also been successfully used by their clients to lend credence to such legal matters as marital dissolution, divorce, estates & probate, partnerships, tax disputes, estate settlement, easement disputes, and title flaws issues. He added that the real estate appraisals they perform have also been known to hold up well in cases where stigmatized property, condemnation & eminent domain, construction defect, physical obsolescence, bankruptcy, lean striping, and retrospective appraisals are concerned. The head appraiser at the company says that even when a client comes to them for a real estate appraisal that is not connected to legal matters, they will have the peace of mind that that appraisal will be done well enough to stand up in court if that is ever needed. Something which they at the company take much pride in. He even mentioned that they handle less complicated and contentious work as well, and this work is done for reasonable fees. Their appraisals are equally suited for both residential and commercial real estate legal issues too.

Those that have used the company’s highly accurate real estate appraisal services to help settle legal matters have been very satisfied with the results. Peter Palmer stated, “Clarke Goset did a superb job on a project of ours, taking the time to evaluate some tricky easement issues that affected the use of part of a parcel we were developing. His knowledge and expertise helped establish a fair value all parties could agree to. Mike S. Decker proclaimed, “Thanks for your attention to detail. We had three lots to distribute to heirs, all similar but different. Your appraisals helped make the process of keeping things equal a lot easier.”

Goset added, “We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients, which include attorneys, financial advisers, executives, and business owners, with our quality, respected, and exceptional valuation services. Call us now for a free initial consultation. We will prove to you that we are your best choice when it comes to MN real estate appraisals.” He welcomes those that would like to know more about the company’s reputable real estate appraisal services to contact them by phone or refer to their website at

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