ED Treatment Clinic Examines the Psychological Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction

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Choice Men's Health, an erectile dysfunction (ED) clinic in Atlanta, GA, has released a blog post that examines the psychological aspects of ED. The article points out that while many cases of ED are a result of physical health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, enlarged prostate, or an illness that has an impact on the blood vessels, psychological factors may also contribute to the problem for some men. This blog post can be read at

Choice Men's Health says, "Erectile dysfunction typically develops over time, although it can happen suddenly for seemingly no reason at all. It's only ED when it happens consistently. You likely don't have ED if you only have issues getting aroused with sexual partners after a night of drinking or even during a week when you are experiencing severe stress. But it may be erectile dysfunction if it happens 25% of the time or more. The key to treating psychological, sexual dysfunction is identifying the underlying psychological causes. You should look out for a few things that might suggest your erectile dysfunction is psychological."


It is important to note that the main symptoms of ED are the inability to have a firm enough erection to be able to have sex and maintain that firm erection for long enough to consummate the sex act or enjoy it. One way to know if the impotence has psychological causes is to ask certain questions. These include: whether one has morning erections or nocturnal erection; having abnormal amounts of anxiety or stress; ability to have an erection while being physically stimulated by one's partner or when masturbating, and being nervous about pleasing one's partner. If any of these are true, the ED is most likely psychological.

There are typical causes of psychological ED. These include: anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, guilt, performance anxiety, and low self-esteem. A challenging event or difficulties in the job can cause stress. Whether the person has occasional worries, chronic stress, or an anxiety disorder, this will likely cause erectile dysfunction. When the body and the brain have concerns about danger, they will not likely be concerned about sex. It is the stress hormones that prevent the body from having an erection. Meanwhile, depression can cause some changes to the brain chemistry and nervous system. This can also negatively affect a man's sex drive and capability to achieve an erection.

It may also be quite difficult to achieve an erection if the man has relationship problems with his partner. While disagreements are typical in any normal relationship, communicating and solving these issues is a vital component of intimacy. And then there is also performance anxiety. Often, sexual performance anxiety becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because the man is nervous about his ability to satisfy his partner, this may lead to erectile dysfunction and mental impotence.

The key to finding a solution to ED is determining and treating the root cause as soon as possible. The ED specialist will likely inquire about the man's sex drive, expectations regarding sex, how long he has been experiencing those symptoms, and whether or not he can ejaculate or achieve an orgasm. The certified medical professional will conduct a physical exam to rule out all physical causes of ED, and if that is so, he will begin looking for psychological causes. A psychosocial exam will be done to assess the person's mental health.

The ED specialists at Choice Men's Health will be able to determine the cause of ED and provide the necessary treatment to allow the patient to regain his normal sexual health. They can design a personalized treatment plan to allow the patient to have a healthier and happier life.

People looking for the best erectile dysfunction clinic in Atlanta and neighboring areas can visit the Choice Men's Health website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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