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Dr. Ryan Cleland Shares Insight On Holistic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

January 27, 2022
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Dr. Ryan Cleland of the Glen Carbon, IL based Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center is reaching out to shed light on Holistic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment and its key benefits. The Center primarily seeks to change their patients’ lives for the better by offering personalized treatments for pain relief and a healthy lifestyle, and their recent bid to raise awareness of peripheral neuropathy is in service of this goal.

Dr. Cleland explains that those with peripheral neuropathy may experience pain in the form of a tingling or even burning sensation in their extremities (also known as a feeling of ‘pins and needles’). Alternatively, they may feel a sense of numbness or weakness in their feet and hands. The disorder is so named due to it being caused by a damaged peripheral nervous system. Since this system sends signals to the central nervous system from the rest of the body, its continued function is vital for balanced health. If the condition goes untreated, he cautions that it may lead to muscle movement being impaired in addition to a loss of accurate sensation. This loss of accuracy tends to be accompanied by pain and additional nerve damage as well.

peripheral neuropathy treatment

Fortunately, Holistic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment can help patients find relief. As with many of the treatments offered at the Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center, it utilizes a holistic approach that identifies and targets the condition’s underlying cause. As such, patients will notice that the Center can stop nerve damage from progressing, following which they will work to reverse any damage that has already occurred.

Dr. Cleland states that it is important to understand how much of the body is affected by peripheral neuropathy. For instance, it can affect the body’s autonomic nervous system, which governs several involuntary physiological processes such as digestion, respiration and so on. As a result, people with peripheral neuropathy may notice a number of other symptoms, including stomach spasms, lack of appetite, abnormal bloating, weight loss, vomiting, nausea and heartburn (which are associated with another condition known as gastroparesis).

Furthermore, the pain caused by peripheral neuropathy can make it difficult for the patient to relax, in turn harming their ability to reach deep sleep (which plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to regenerate). In certain cases, Dr. Cleland states that this may still not be the extent of the damage caused by peripheral neuropathy. In fact, it can even lead to the development of wounds and ulcers. If these symptoms are not addressed in time, the tissue in question may turn necrotic as it dies (gangrene). Again, if left untreated, the consequences will only escalate, especially if the infection spreads to other parts of the body.

With treatment, however, these conditions can be arrested and even reversed. Following peripheral neuropathy treatment, patients may report a calmer digestive system, healthier sleep cycles and more. Notably, two factors are of the essence to ensure a patient’s full recovery. First, treatment must be sought as early as possible. Second, a holistic approach is required in order to ensure the cause of the reported symptoms is found and dealt with.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Cleland and other members of the team at the Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center, patients may engage in surgery free and medication free options that are backed by a stellar record of success. Millions of Americans are estimated to be living with peripheral neuropathy, and more are being diagnosed each day. While he cannot see every single patient in need across the nation, he is proud to help the residents of Glen Carbon and the surrounding areas.

“All staff are professional and caring,” says a 5-Star Google review from Robin C. “Great group. My mother has been through every treatment for pain in her back, knees and hips.” The review notes that the mother was only ever prescribed painkillers to help manage her pain rather than eliminate it altogether. “Here,” it contends, “the doctors and staff work as a team to give individual care for the patients’ needs. Slow pace for my mother with great results. She loves going here. Neuropathy treatment is working also.”

More information about Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment In Glen Carbon IL can be found on the Center’s official website. Those experiencing peripheral neuropathy or who wish to discuss one of the Center’s other services are welcome to contact Dr. Ryan Cleland of the Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center.

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