Surna Cultivation Technologies’ Ian Atkins Earns PE License

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Boulder, Colorado -

Surna, an indoor agriculture facility design company based in Boulder, Colorado, announced that mechanical engineer Ian Atkins received his Professional Engineer (PE) license.

Since 2019, Atkins has been a member of the Surna Cultivation Technologies team. Atkins has over three years of experience advising Surna's clients in the field of environmental control engineering. Atkins currently holds a Master of Science degree in Biological Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Ian Atkins, PE

"I am appreciative of the engineering skills I've acquired at Surna," Atkins stated. "These daily experiences have helped me in my journey to become a licensed engineer."

Achieving the PE license not only demonstrates a level of competency in the field of engineering but is also a symbol of trust in the engineer's ability and conduct. “We rely on PEs to create the build world that we all inhabit safely to ensure that it is both safe and effective,” stated Surna CEO Tony McDonald.

Atkins stated achieving his PE licensure was no easy task. To earn a PE license, there are some prerequisites. The first requirement is earning a four-year degree in engineering. Atkins not only obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but also continued his education by earning a master’s degree.

The second requirement for the PE license is a six-hour-long Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which covers a variety of engineering disciplines.

Once the engineering exam is completed, the PE candidate must obtain hands-on experience under the guidance of a licensed PE to gain proficiency and experience.

The final step in obtaining a PE license is an eight-hour examination in the candidate's field of Mechanical Engineering.

This has several benefits for Surna Cultivation Technologies as an organization. Atkins may provide engineering services to the public, as well as sign off on engineering drawings for submission to get building permits.

"I've been fascinated by controlled environment agriculture for several years," Atkins explained. "It's been an incredible experience working with our clients and acquiring the experience required for this career milestone. I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to the delivery of high-quality HVACD systems to our clients."

Attend Atkins' Indoor Ag-Con Panel to see that HVAC is considerably more than just keeping the grow environment at a constant temperature.

Atkins will moderate a panel discussion with other experts in indoor agriculture about how HVAC can assist in controlling pathogens, illness, and more to maintain that crops grown in indoor agriculture environments grow to their full potential.

The panel for HVAC – What’s Right For Your Grow will take place at Las Vegas's Ceasars Forum on March 1, 3:30 – 4:20 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

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