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Chiropractor In Sterling Virginia Launches Prenatal Care Program

January 13, 2022
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Sterling, Virginia -

Virginia based Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling is now offering chiropractic care for prenatal patients. As with their previous services, the clinic seeks to help pregnant mothers achieve physical balance and ensure their nervous system is better equipped to self-heal and self-regulate the numerous changes their body is going through.

As many are aware, pregnancy takes a massive toll on a woman’s body, and it is no easy task to carry a healthy baby to term. Their weight gain, for instance, tends to be so sudden that their body’s ability to adapt to such changes lags behind. This weight also shifts forward for the most part, leading to the development of new pressure and stress points as well as strain across the rest of the body. As a chiropractic clinic, Palmercare is often especially concerned by the fact that this larger pressure on the abdomen also causes an increase in the curve of a woman’s lower back.

While any one of these issues may seem negligible or relatively benign, the clinic reminds their community that their cumulative effect can be very difficult for a woman to endure, particularly given the fact that they often exacerbate each other. For instance, an increase in the curve of the back can cause pain in this area, in turn leading to Sciatica in those who are vulnerable to this condition. Since headaches, nausea and constipation tend to be present throughout a pregnancy, these symptoms can feel even more unbearable.

With Prenatal Chiropractic Care, however, this is no longer as much of a concern. Accounting for shifts in the body and realigning physical structures where necessary is a specialty at Palmercare Chiropractic, and they are able to apply their considerable expertise to great effect on behalf of expecting mothers. The clinic is able to help pregnant women in their care find relief from the physical, chemical and emotional stress they may be under.

To accomplish this, the clinic’s chiropractors may take any of a variety of approaches. Each patient is unique, and while a pregnancy is a common aspect of life, the manner in which it affects one individual can be very different from another. As such, the clinic assesses each patient to ensure the care they receive is designed explicitly for their needs.

A prenatal patient, for instance, may have nerve interference — a phenomenon where the stress they experience has a negative impact on the function of their nervous system. Since the nerves permeate every important part of the body, its entire function can be disrupted as a result. Fortunately, chiropractic treatments can reduce nerve interference, thereby easing the body into its new role as the host for a beautiful new life.

Palmercare Chiropractic emphasizes that their team employs certain chiropractic techniques that are known to help women during pregnancy. One of these is known as the Webster Technique. To begin with, it places a heavy focus on correcting and maintaining the alignment of the pelvis and the birth canal, which is crucial for a complication-free delivery. According to the clinic, a misaligned pelvis can have other impacts on the body that eventually shorten the birth canal. Following a chiropractor’s assistance, fortunately, the pelvis can open up and enable a healthy birth.

The Webster Technique is also intended to help prevent the uterus from suspending, which may occur as a woman gets further into a pregnancy (during which the uterus expands). The chiropractors at Palmercare are able to utilize this Technique to help the uterus lay in a resting position, relaxing the round ligaments in the back and ensuring conditions are perfect for the baby.

Notably, a full description of what pregnant mothers may expect during a regular visit to their chiropractor at Palmercare can be found on their official website. The Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling clinic encourages their community to get in touch with their team today to discuss any further concerns they may have. Palmercare Chiropractic is committed to helping everyone in their community achieve total wellness and balance in their life. With the launch of their new prenatal service, their warm expertise is now available to women who want to guarantee a more blissful pregnancy.

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