Boomer Benefits Reports the 2022 Book Release of 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes

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Fort Worth, Texas -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Boomer Benefits recently reported the release of the 2022 version of the 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make by Co-founder Danielle K. Roberts. Soon after the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revealed the Medicare costs for 2022, Boomer Benefits updated those numbers in the book to provide the most accurate Medicare information for readers in 2022. The book is more than a general Medicare 101.

A reader will find ten costly Medicare mistakes beneficiaries make when they go through the Medicare transition, in addition to charts and examples. Boomer Benefits has 16 years of experience helping beneficiaries who made these mistakes and put themselves in financially devastating situations. The book focuses on avoiding these mistakes and provides the critical points that all Medicare beneficiaries need to know. Anyone interested in learning about Medicare will find this book valuable, easily accessible, and affordable.

10 costly Medicare mistakes book release

The 2022 book release was announced to news and media outlets to bring awareness to this recent update. Boomer Benefits plans to keep this book updated each year, so readers have the right material as they learn about Medicare and the mistakes to avoid. The Medicare costs can have small or significant changes from year to year, so keeping the book up to date can greatly impact a beneficiary’s decisions as they financially prepare for their Medicare years.

From the Medicare basics to major decisions on choosing a plan, the book chapters walk the reader through all the necessary details they need to know. Readers do not need any prior Medicare knowledge to buy this book. Danielle K. Roberts makes each part easy to follow and ends the chapters with key takeaway points that help summarize what that chapter covered.

The company has assisted beneficiaries with their Medicare enrollments, special election periods, premium appeals, penalties, and more. Their experience with these situations helped create these ten costly Medicare mistakes.

The first two chapters cover Medicare costs and the potential cost-sharing for a beneficiary. Many beneficiaries make the mistake of assuming Medicare is free and that Medicare covers 100% of their healthcare costs. These chapters clearly explain how that is not the case which ultimately can help a beneficiary prepare financially.

Several graphics throughout the chapters provide a visual aid on specific topics. The Medicare Part B premium chart within the first chapter displays the different Part B premiums based on past income. It is true that if a beneficiary makes more money, they can pay more for Medicare. Not only does Danielle K. Roberts include this chart, but she explains how to appeal the higher premiums.

The cost for Part B is a commonly searched topic as the price changes each year. The reader can find Part B costs in the costly Medicare mistakes book. More specifically, the answer is in an easy-to-understand chart in the first chapter.

The following Medicare mistakes mentioned in the book are Medicare enrollment windows and prescription coverage. Medicare enrollment is not as easy as going online and enrolling when advantageous. A beneficiary must know specific windows and timeframes to decrease their risk of accruing a late enrollment penalty. Danielle K. Roberts outlines these windows and when to use them.

Additionally, she clarifies the importance of a prescription plan and the consequences of not enrolling in one.

The next three chapters focus on the mistakes made regarding plan options. They go over essential points such as pre-existing conditions, missing a one-time opportunity, and more. These chapters break down the two plan options with precise detail and include information that many beneficiaries don’t know.

The last three mistakes in the book guide the reader on how to choose the right plan, what questions to ask, and essential annual decisions a beneficiary needs to make. Boomer Benefits has helped beneficiaries change their Medicare plan because they failed to review their annual benefits and are now in a plan that is not cost-effective for them. The company’s team is dedicated to finding the right plan that best fits a beneficiary, ensuring their doctors accept the plan and drugs are covered.

This Amazon Best Seller is available for the Kindle or as a paperback. The prices and reviews are available on the Amazon site. The paperback can also be found at Barnes & Noble or other bookstores. Readers can also request their local library to provide it on their shelves.

Boomer Benefits is a Medicare brokerage licensed in 48 states. They are licensed with 30+ insurance carriers and specialize in Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D plans. Their assistance, resources, and support to Medicare beneficiaries are completely free. Their agents walk beneficiaries through their enrollments and assist with policy issues once they become clients. They provide this assistance for the lifetime of a client’s policy.

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