Boomer Benefits Announces the 2022 Book Release of 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

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Fort Worth, Texas -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The 2022 book release of the 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make book by Danielle K. Roberts, Co-founder of Boomer Benefits, is officially underway.

Each year Medicare costs change due to inflation and the rise of medical costs. Additionally, new rules, regulations, and benefits are implemented in the new year. The 2022 version includes the updated numbers for the 2022 Medicare premiums, deductibles, and cost-sharing those beneficiaries must pay. The latest numbers and rules are provided throughout the chapters within the book. Each chapter focuses on a different costly Medicare mistake that a Medicare beneficiary can make. Anyone looking to learn more about Medicare, the potential mistakes, and how to avoid them can benefit from this book. Boomer Benefits has 16 years of experience guiding seniors through the Medicare process and evaluating each unique situation. The 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make book is the product of their experience and is available to anyone interested in educating themselves about Medicare.

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Boomer Benefits was founded in 2005, and since then, they have continued to grow and share their Medicare knowledge. The book compiles the most important Medicare information a beneficiary needs to know and displays it in an easy-to-understand way. A reader does not need background knowledge on Medicare to read this book. Danielle K. Roberts walks the readers through each Medicare mistake and does not hold back when providing the necessary information she believes beneficiaries need to know.

Danielle K. Roberts and her team at Boomer Benefits decided to create a book as an additional resource for Medicare beneficiaries. They understood that many people prefer to hold a book in their hands rather than sit at a computer and read the information or watch videos. The book focuses on the Medicare mistakes people make each day. Boomer Benefits receives feedback from Medicare beneficiaries on how they were never told when to enroll in Medicare, how to choose a plan, the expected costs with Medicare, and more. As they received this feedback day after day, they wanted to create a resource that helps guide beneficiaries through the Medicare maze and how to avoid these mistakes.

There are 10 costly Medicare mistakes outlined in the book. The Table of Contents lists the different parts and chapters within the book, making it easy to navigate. The reader can also find helpful charts, graphics, and examples within the chapters updated with the 2022 information. The last chapter includes details and links to other Boomer Benefits resources, and there is a glossary at the end. The glossary contains the definitions for the Medicare terms used throughout the book.

Learn more about the 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes here:

Danielle K. Roberts organized the book in a way that is easy for the reader to flow from one chapter to the next. She starts with “Part I – The Basics” and the following “Parts” go through different major decisions that a beneficiary needs to determine. Each Part is broken down into chapters, focusing on a Medicare mistake.

The Medicare basics covered within “Part I” include two chapters on the first two costly Medicare mistakes. These chapters provide information on Medicare costs and help beneficiaries prepare for their potential costs, which is critical in retirement planning.

Many beneficiaries think Medicare covers 100% of the costs for hospital and medical services. Danielle K. Roberts breaks down a beneficiary’s cost-sharing with each part of Medicare in chapter two.

The major decision in Part II explains Medicare enrollments and the mistake of missing the enrollment window, causing a late enrollment penalty. Danielle K. Roberts presents several kinds of health insurance and how they coordinate with Medicare to help the beneficiary determine when they need to enroll in Medicare.

The chapters in Part III go over prescription coverage and the mistake of not enrolling in a prescription plan. The information provided in these chapters informs a beneficiary of the risk of skipping a prescription plan or failing to provide creditable coverage documentation.

Medicare Part D provides prescription coverage for Medicare beneficiaries. The chapters within Part III explain what the beneficiary needs to know when they are searching for the right plan and how to choose a plan.

There are three chapters in Part IV explaining how to choose a plan and what a beneficiary needs to know about each option. Boomer Benefits assists many beneficiaries with changing their plans. Still, sometimes if a beneficiary misses an opportunity and now has high out-of-pocket costs and cannot change. These chapters describe how to make the best decision when choosing a plan and what to be mindful of before completing an application.

The last Medicare mistakes are in Part V. These mistakes explain how to choose an insurance carrier and what questions a beneficiary needs to ask when making this decision. Medicare policies have rules, so it is not as easy as changing from one plan to another whenever it is convenient. Many people fail to realize that and do not educate themselves on the other Medicare mistakes outlined in this book.

The chapters within Part V cover Medicare Supplement plans and how they set their prices and increases. Additionally, these chapters guide a beneficiary on how to shop for a Medicare plan.

Boomer Benefits wants this book to be available and affordable to all. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local libraries, and other bookstores. A 2022 Kindle version can also be found in addition to the paperback.

Boomer Benefits is a licensed Medicare agency representing 30+ carriers in 48 states. They have years of experience in the Medicare industry and provide free assistance to Medicare beneficiaries. They help beneficiaries find the right plan for their needs every day. What sets them apart from other agencies is their Client Service Team that helps their current clients with policy issues such as claims, appeals, and more.

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