Dallas SEO Geek David Hood Is Offering A Free SEO Analysis To Prospective Clients

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David Hood, who goes by Dallas SEO Geek, is offering new clients a free SEO analysis by performing a preliminary site audit to give them an overview of the ways their SEO efforts can be improved and the potential their site has to rank for the desired target keywords.

David offers a range of SEO services such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Youtube video marketing. On his website, David claims that his competitive advantage is his skill in recognizing the exact type of service that will be beneficial to a business operating in a particular domain. David says that every company has its own challenges when it comes to attracting an online audience whether it be on a local or a global scale. David can identify the potential for online expansion that a website has and also objectively narrow down the metrics that need to be improved in order to meet that latent potential. He will then craft a strategy using the many tools in his repertoire to maximize the website’s marketing reach. He asserts that this expertise to tailor his services to a business’s specific needs comes from an exhaustive research of the target industry and also a wealth of prior work experience helping clients from a wide range of diverse industries. Readers can find out more about his services by heading over to the link:

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David talks about his offer to give new clients a free SEO analysis by saying, “I understand that it can be extremely intimidating to hand over such a vital part of your business’s marketing to an outsider. Though my work history and the stellar results that I have achieved for my clients over the years speak for themselves, I want to give you a fair chance to validate my skills firsthand. I start this process by doing thorough research on your business and the industry that you operate in. I then look at your competitors and see what they are doing. I then draft a rough strategy emphasizing the steps that you need to take immediately to grab the audience that your competition is hogging. Once we are confident that you agree on the work that needs to be done to stop the competition from eating your lunch, depending on your budget and the time frame you are convenient with, I will draft a detailed strategy that I can immediately start implementing. I guarantee that soon after I start working with you, you will see your SEO results drastically improve and before long you will have won back all the ground that you had lost. So give me a call today and I will show you how I can put my years of SEO experience to work for your benefit.”

David’s On-Page SEO techniques include giving the website design a much-needed refresh so that end-users are compelled to spend the maximum amount of time possible on the website signaling to search engines that the content on the website is useful and that the users are thoroughly engaged by it. This can be achieved by crafting targeted content that not only answers the users’ most pressing questions but also gives them useful supplemental information that educates them on the topic and conveys the value proposition of the business’s core services.

On-Page SEO techniques also include optimization of the actual website layout and metadata. David’s methods ensure that search engine crawlers are given all the relevant information such as content, format, titles, tags, keywords, headlines, links, images, videos, site structure, and more to help their algorithms make the correct judgment about the usefulness of the website. David also recommends adding informative videos to the website to give users an easier way to digest content, especially since they are very inexpensive to make nowadays and are able to hook the user much more easily than the written word.

Readers can find David’s contact information and read testimonials from satisfied clients by heading over to the link:

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