Discount Door Service Publishes Post About Common Garage Door Opener Repair Issues

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Tucson, Arizona -

Discount Door Service, a garage door repair company in Tucson, Arizona, has published a new article explaining common problems with garage door openers. Anyone who may be having problems with their garage door or garage door opener can read this article for simple tips for troubleshooting a broken garage door and some education about when a professional should be called for more complicated garage door repairs. This article can be found at their website under Garage Door Opener Repair

The article, posted on Discount Door Service’s website, explains that there are many reasons that a garage door might not be functioning as expected. Some of these possible causes can easily be checked and possibly fixed by a homeowner, without the need to call professional garage door repair service. Often when garage doors break, homeowners are left wondering what might cause the issue, which is why the company posted this article about what to check and when to call a professional. For example, if the issue is an obstructed sensor, the sensor might just need a clean and a slight manual adjustment, getting it pointed in the right direction to get the door working again.

affordable garage door repair service in Tucson by Discount Door Service

The first thing a homeowner should check if their garage door opener is not working is that the opener is plugged in, or otherwise has power coming to it. Sometimes, electrical plugs can come loose or a circuit breaker may get tripped for a variety of reasons, and the garage door opener simply has no power. So checking the power supply is an important thing to check, and an easy repair if it is the cause of the problem.

If the remote control is the issue, ensuring that the remote is within range of the garage can help. Alternately, garage door openers sometimes need replacement batteries. If a homeowner has multiple garage door openers, they can test them one at a time to isolate the issue.

Resetting the power to the garage door opener at the circuit or breaker box can trigger the garage door opener to begin working again. If the door is open and wont close, there could be something blocking the line of sight of the sensors located at the bottom of each side of the garage door tracks. These sensors prevent the door from closing if something is in the path of the door, to prevent injuries and damage to the door. However, if the sensors are misaligned or one of them is dirty, they could erroneously prevent the door from closing thinking there is something in the way. Shielding the light sensor on a garage door opener from direct sunlight can also be a test to see if the sunlight is preventing the door from closing.

There are also a number of reasons why a garage door opener remote control might not work. Because the remote controls rely on a radio signal to tell the garage door opener to operate the door, the signal can be blocked by anything that jams a radio signal, which includes, unexpectedly, some LED light bulbs.

If a garage door stops working after LED light bulbs are installed in or near the garage, the homeowner can try removing the new LED light bulbs. If the garage door works again after removing the bulbs, then the problem was likely the lightbulbs blocking the radio signals from the remote control, and finding different light bulbs will likely resolve the problem. Some LED bulbs are designed specifically to avoid interfering with remote control radio signals.

Sometimes, a garage door that doesn’t work has a broken spring. When a spring is broken, the garage door often stops with a jerky motion, or stops abruptly during opening or closing. Sometimes a struggling motor can be heard by the distinct sound it makes. Any of these symptoms show that the door opener motor might need replacement soon. If the motor dies, but the spring is still intact, an owner can often open and close the door manually. But if it is the spring, which does the work of opening the garage door, that has broken, the garage door will not be able to open at all without a lot of effort, and the garage door will require attention from a professional to install a new spring.

In such situations, Tucson area residents are encouraged to contact Discount Door Service via email or phone to schedule services.

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