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Lynchburg Tree Service Now Providing an Even Wider Variety of Professional Tree Care Tasks

November 19, 2021
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Lynchburg Tree Service is a company that has been providing reliable professional tree care services to those in and around Lynchburg, Virginia for many years now. In that time, they have continually tried to add new tree services that will greatly benefit their residential and commercial customers in the areas that they serve. This includes those in Forest and Madison Heights, Virginia too. The number of professional tree services the company now offers has progressed to the point where they are one of the most complete tree care providers in the entire state. A representative of Lynchburg Tree Service, Bradley Benner, says, “When we first started this business several years ago, it was always our intention to become one of the most complete tree service companies in our part of Virginia. With all the professional tree services that we now offer, we have seen that vision come to fruition. You might even say that we are now the Lynchburg area’s one-stop-shop when it comes to quality tree work.”

Benner also was pleased to mention that all of their crews are led by seasoned arborists with many years of professional tree care experience. That’s why such jobs as their tree trimming and pruning services always turn out looking so good. He was also quick to point out that tree trimming and pruning is about more than just leaving a customer’s trees looking good. It also greatly benefits their health. This is because when essential tree trimming and pruning are done to a tree it does such things as remove diseased branches which put great stress on a tree. It also thins out a tree's foliage to let beneficial sunlight, moisture, and air penetrate deeper into a tree. The company representative added they those who lead their tree trimming and pruning crews know how to do this task just right and also what the ideal time of year is to trim and prune each species of tree in the Lynchburg area.

Lynchburg Tree Service

Another important tree care task that he mentioned was tree removal. Something that Benner could not emphasize enough should only be undertaken by experienced tree professionals such as theirs because of how dangerous it can be. They have the knowledge, safety rigging, and equipment to bring down any tree exactly where they intended it to land. Lynchburg Tree Service also is fully insured to cover property damage and more in the rare event that they would have a problem when bringing a tree to the ground. He pointed out they do tree removal for several different reasons. This includes taking down trees that are growing too close to homes and structures or is regularly encroaching upon power lines. They even undertake proactive tree removal to get rid of dead, dying, and weak trees that have the potential to come down in strong storms and cause extensive property damage.

Benner also talked about how they can get rid of the stumps that are left behind after they take down a tree. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is stump grinding which clears away the stump up to 18” into the ground and allows the area to once again be planted. He says the other method is complete stump removal which then makes the area where a tree once stood suitable for doing such things as building a swimming pool or putting on a home addition. Other professional tree jobs that the company offers that have become highly popular are their storm cleanup, land clearing, and forestry mulching services. Their crews are also experts when it comes to bush hogging & brush removal and emergency tree removal. The company representative stated that inspections and estimates for their tree services are always done at no charge and they don’t ever consider any tree task that they agree to handle to be complete until a thorough yard cleanup has been done.

Those in Lynchburg, Forest, and Madison Heights that would like to know more about the tasks that this tree service in Lynchburg VA will do for them can get in touch with the company by email, phone, or website quote request form.

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