Santa Ana Tree Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Fix a White Oak Damaged by DIY Tree Service

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Santa Ana, California – On Thursday, Santa Ana Tree Experts worked with a homeowner whose tree was in shambles. After attempting a DIY tree trimming procedure, George had damaged his tree’s crown. Luckily for him, the damage was reversible.

“A neighbor challenged me to trim the white oak myself,” said George when explaining how he damaged his white oak. “He told me that he had trimmed his cedar tree several times and the tree still looked good. What he did not mention is that he had spent 20 years handling professional tree services in Santa Ana – this means that he had enough experience in tree maintenance.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts

“Accepting the neighbor’s challenge was one of the biggest mistakes,” added George. “Going up the tree and removing random branches almost cost the family their favorite tree. For the past 2 months, the tree’s health has been on the decline – the white oak has been losing its branches.”

George noted that he invited Santa Ana Tree Experts to his home to understand what was happening to his tree. After inspecting the tree, the team of qualified professionals in Santa Ana realized that the homeowner had put a lot of injuries on its crown.

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“The family was more than happy when they learned that the tree’s health could be restored,” said George. “According to the company’s chief of field operations, the only thing that the tree needed was proper tree pruning – he noted that this would fix the imbalance on the tree crown. The professional also noted that during tree pruning, the company would disinfect and treat all the injuries the DIY procedure had put on the trunk and branches. The Santa Ana tree pruning team arrived yesterday at 8 am and worked on the tree for about 1.5 hours. They fixed all the damage and cleaned up my landscape before leaving. For all the work that the company did, they charged a very affordable cost.”

To get more insight into how DIY tree service procedures affect Santa Ana’s urban forest, reporters contacted the Santa Ana Tree Experts CEO. The CEO was more than happy to explain how DIY tree services have been causing a lot of losses in the city.

“DIY tree service does not just cause injuries to trees,” said the Santa Ana Tree Experts CEO. “It can also kill trees. For example, if George had waited too long before hiring a professional team to fix his white oak, there was a high probability of the tree dying.”

The CEO noted that DIY tree service also increases the risk of property damage. He noted that when trees are standing close to important utilities, homeowners may drop branches on these utilities during DIY pruning and trimming. The CEO indicated that the resulting damage could force the homeowners to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

“Injuries can also happen during DIY tree service,” added the CEO. “For example, when George was trimming his 80-foot white oak, he did not have the right safety gear. Just imagine if his body weight broke the branches he was using to stay on the tree crown – the resulting fall could have put him in a wheelchair for a very long time.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts CEO noted that his team of qualified professionals in Santa Ana charges very affordable prices for tree care procedures. The CEO noted that homeowners no longer have to worry that they cannot afford to pay for professional tree services in Santa Ana. Santa Ana Tree Experts reportedly reduced the money needed to prune or trim a tree in Santa Ana to accommodate homeowners with tight budgets.

Santa Ana Tree Experts base of operation is located at 3861 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States. To take advantage of the company’s affordable services, homeowners can call +1 949-359-8204 or send an email to

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