Nashville Tree Experts Completes Tree Removal for 6 Dying Ash Trees in A Single Day

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Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville Tree Experts spent the whole of yesterday removing 6 ash trees from Leonard Meyers’ landscape. The trees had been turned into prey by the emerald ash borer. By the time Leonard Meyers discovered the pests on the ash trees, it was too late – the trees couldn’t be saved. The homeowner decided to remove the trees to create space for new, healthy trees.

“It is believed that the emerald ash borer migrated in packing materials from Asia,” Leonard Meyers told a group of reporters. “The pests have been killing ash trees in the US since 2002 when they were discovered in Detroit, Michigan. What makes the pests bad is that they have to be caught early for a homeowner to stand the chance of saving his or her trees. Everyone in this family missed the signs of the emerald ash borer infestation – this has led to the loss of 6 good trees.”

Nashville Tree Experts

When Leonard Meyers invited Nashville Tree Experts to his home for tree removal, the property owner wanted both the tree and stump gone. Since he did not want to keep his landscape bare after the tree removal, he preferred complete stump removal over stump grinding. Nashville Tree Experts reportedly satisfied all his needs.

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“Nashville Tree Experts worked harder than expected,” said Leonard Meyers while describing his experience with the tree service company. “This may be the best tree removal company in Nashville. Although the 6 trees were 3 to 7 feet away from the house, the company’s tree removal team worked hard to ensure that my house did not suffer any damage. The company’s stump removal team was also very effective – it took them minutes to pull out each tree stump. Using specialized chemicals, the team treated the roots left underground to accelerate the rate at which they decayed.”

Nashville Tree Experts reportedly followed the tree removal and stump removal, with a thorough cleanup. The company collected the leaves, roots, and sawdust and cut the ash trees into small pieces to make them fit in its trucks. Leaving Leonard’s compound cleaner than they had found it, the team of tree cutting professionals in Nashville took the waste to the nearest dumpsite.

“Tree removal is the last option on the company’s list of preferred professional tree services in Nashville,” said the Nashville Tree Experts CEO. “This is simply because removing trees reduces the city’s urban forest. However, when it comes to dead or dying trees, tree removal is the only good solution. While the ash trees on Leonard’s home were not dead yet, it was impossible to save these trees – this is why they had to go.”

Nashville Tree Experts reportedly arrived at the worksite at 6 am. Taking two hours to remove each tree, the company finished the tree and stump removal procedures at around 6 pm. The company took an extra hour to clean the landscape and left Leonard’s home at around 7 pm.

“When Leonard Meyers called our office to book the tree removal procedure for his dying ash trees,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “he indicated that he was planning to replace his trees today. For this reason, the tree removal team had to work hard to complete the tree removal project yesterday. Using its experience and modern tree service tools, the team completed the project on time.”

The chief of field operations noted that he had visited Leonard’s landscape earlier today to discuss tree planting with him. The professional ensured that Leonard’s tree planting holes were properly spaced. He also helped the homeowner choose tree species that are resistant to the emerald ash borer.

Nashville Tree Experts schedules tree service procedures from its base of operation located at 100 Powell Pl, Nashville, TN 37204, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 615-845-5214 and

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