Long Beach Tree Experts Uses Tree Removal to Create Appropriate Spacing Between Avocado trees

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Long Beach, California – Long Beach Tree Experts spent the last 3 days helping Alexander implement good spacing between his avocado trees. To ensure the trees were properly spaced, the company had to remove several trees from Alexander’s orchard.

“The avocados on this orchard were planted about 10 years ago,” Alexander told a group of reporters, “Four years later, the trees were already producing fruits. The problem was that the fruits were too small. Also, only 1 in every 3 trees produced the fruits.”

Long Beach Tree Experts

Alexander noted that he had to invite a fruit expert to understand why his trees were not producing as many fruits as he had initially expected. When the fruit expert arrived, the first question he asked him was whether he had professional help when planting the trees.

“It was confusing to hear an expert ask whether the trees were planted by a professional or not,” said Alexander. “To get help, however, an honest answer was necessary. The orchard was a DIY project. To put as many trees on the landscape as possible, the trees were put approximately 2 meters from each other.”

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Alexander was surprised when the fruit expert told him that avocado trees are supposed to have a spacing of 6 meters by 7 meters to 8 meters by 10 meters, depending on soil fertility and climatic conditions. To maximize productivity, Alexander had to work with a Long Beach tree removal company.

“Alexander’s tree removal project was quite large,” said the Long Beach Tree Experts CEO. “The company had to remove over 30 trees. What made the project complicated was that the Long Beach tree removal team had to be extra cautious to keep the removed trees from dropping on the trees that Alexander wanted to keep.”

“The company’s team of qualified professionals in Long Beach, however, was more than prepared to complete the entire project safely,” added the CEO. “Pruning the trees reduced their width. When the pruned trees fell, they did not touch the neighboring trees.”

The Long Beach Tree Experts CEO noted that his team used a crane to control the falling direction of the avocado trees. Dealing with strong winds while removing the avocado trees, the company took advantage of the crane and ropes to keep the wind from pushing the cut trees and dropping them on other trees.

Reporters wanted to know whether Alexander was happy after losing 30+ avocado trees. While the reporters were expecting Alexander to say he was not happy, the property owner surprised them with his answer.

“Looking back at what the fruit tree expert said about the spacing for the avocado trees,” Alexander told the reporters, “things are making much sense now. California has been in a state of drought for a very long time. Also, the soil on the landscape is not top tier when it comes to fertility. This means that the avocado trees were competing for the limited nutrients in the soil and the water they received once every few weeks. If the trees remained extra close – like they were before the tree removal project – there is no way they would have produced good fruits. Now that the tree spacing is good, there is a chance in the next two or three years productivity will go up.”

To clear up space for the trees left on Alexander’s orchard, Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly removed the trees together with their stumps. Instead of stump grinding, the company used complete stump removal to ensure that the roots of the remaining trees were not getting hindered by stump roots underground.

Long Beach Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 949-691-3726 and

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