Franklin Tree Service Experts Creates Space for a Garage on Client’s Landscape by Tree Removal

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Franklin, Tennessee Franklin Tree Service Experts spent the last 2 days removing trees from Yusuf Hajin’s landscape to create space for a new garage. The company brought down 10 trees, removed the tree stumps, and leveled the ground leaving the land ready for the upcoming garage construction project.

A car enthusiast, Yusuf Hajin was surprised after he moved into his new home only to find that the previous homeowner did not own a car. Hoping to keep his 6 cars safe from the inclement weather in Franklin City, Yusuf knew that he had to construct a new garage as soon as possible.

Franklin Tree Service Experts

“While the previous homeowner may have hated cars,” said Yusuf, “He sure did love his trees. Every space on the landscape has a shade tree. While this was a perfect arrangement for the environment, it was not a good thing for someone who wanted to create a garage for his cars. This is why hiring the Franklin tree removal team was necessary.”

Franklin Tree Service Experts impressed the homeowner with effective tree removal. The homeowner was happy when he learned that the entire tree removal project would be completed in less than 3 days.

“The cars have been out in this harsh weather for 7 days,” said Yusuf, “When hiring Franklin Tree Service Experts, the goal was to get the tree removal project started immediately and completed as soon as possible. The cars need to be in the garage within the next 6 days. It is impressive that Franklin Tree Service Experts brought down the trees in less than 3 days.”

To learn how Franklin Tree Service Experts eliminates the risk of property damage, read this story:

Franklin Tree Service Experts CEO noted that taking advantage of more than 25 years of experience and having modern tools helped the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Franklin complete the project sooner than expected.

“Instead of relying on manual cutting tools to saw through the tree trunks,” said the Franklin Tree Service Experts CEO, “The team used power cutting tools. These tools cut the time needed to bring down each tree. While manual cutting tools would take an hour to remove each tree, a power cutting tool took 10 to 20 minutes.”

The CEO noted that instead of using muscles to dig around the tree stumps during stump removal, the company used a specialized machine that easily pulled out stumps together with the roots.

“Complete stump removal was necessary,” said the company’s CEO, “Stump grinding wouldn’t have been effective since Yusuf will need to dig into the ground to create a strong foundation for the garage. While newer companies would dig around the stumps, the team sent to Yusuf's home used a machine that dug out the stumps in seconds. A project that would have taken a manual team several hours to complete took the company's professional team an hour.”

Yusuf Hajin informed one of the reporters following his story that Franklin Tree Service Experts had tried to change his mind about removing his trees. According to the homeowner, the company did not like the idea of diminishing the urban forest in Franklin city.

Franklin Tree Service Experts even suggested tree transplanting,” said Yusuf, “Like, the team would lift the trees off from the ground together with their roots and then take them to a new place on the landscape. However, after the company arrived on the landscape and realized that there was no extra space, they were more than happy to help with tree removal. The company’s CEO said that although Franklin Tree Service Experts is all about protecting the urban forest in Franklin City, the team is also about making property development projects possible.”

Franklin Tree Service Experts offices are located at 130 Seaboard Ln, Franklin, TN 37067, United States. The company, however, can be contacted remotely via +1 615-808-8224 and

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