Escondido Tree Service Experts Impresses Homeowner with Top-Notch Elm Tree Trimming

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Escondido, California – A company that boasts the ability to handle tree trimming on all types of trees, Escondido Tree Service Experts has impressed a homeowner after helping her with elm tree trimming. Using manual climbing because the tree was inaccessible to the bucket truck, the company maintained maximum safety and did not harm any of the neighboring utilities. Impressed with the results generated by the company, the homeowner – Margaret Melton – reported that she was willing to recommend Escondido Tree Service Experts to other homeowners.

Speaking after working with the tree service company, Margret Melton had the following to say, “Escondido Tree Service Experts crew did an amazing & thorough job on our elm tree & it was quite a job! "Spiderman" as we came to call him after seeing him climbing far out on small branches, was amazing. Really did a great job. All the men were busy cutting, sawing & cleaning up. They were working on the tree for hours. Even cut up the larger branches & put them in our woodpile for us, over the top service! Clean up was fantastic & very much to our satisfaction, and we are really picky. 'Would definitely recommend Escondido Tree Service Experts!!!”

Escondido Tree Service Experts

“Our Escondido tree trimming team has been handling the service for more than 2.5 decades,” said the company’s CEO. “Over this period, we have come across all the tree species that grow in Escondido. Using our formal training and the experience we have gained over the years, we can deliver maximum benefits with each tree trimming procedure. We are always happy to see our customers impressed with the results we generate with the tree trimming procedure.”

Escondido Tree Service Experts is one of the oldest tree care companies in Escondido City. The company was reportedly established as a family business over 25 years ago. When our team of reporters talked to the company’s CEO, he did not hesitate to note that his team of tree cutting professionals in Escondido treats every customer as a member of the family.

“We all do our best to impress our family members,” said the company’s CEO when talking to reporters. “We get them the best gifts during Christmas and try to be there for them as much as possible. Treating our customers like family has always allowed us to work extra hard to satisfy the customers’ needs. While the regular tree care company in Escondido would have left Margret Melton’s landscape immediately after bringing down branches from the tree crown, our team decided to do better than that. We put usable limbs in a special woodpile to make them accessible to Melton in the future. We also collected all the waste generated by the tree trimming procedure, put it in our truck and left it at the dumpsite.”

The CEO mentioned that Escondido Tree Service Experts was originally supposed to be a tree trimming company. He noted that over the years, the company has expanded its list of services and increased the members of its team of qualified professionals. Today, the family-owned business handles all types of tree care procedures in Escondido, including removing small and big trees, tree pruning, stump grinding, and emergency tree service in Escondido.

“What makes our company stand out from every other team in the city is our ability to make all tree care procedures in Escondido safe,” said the company’s CEO, “For example, we are known for pruning trees near power lines in Escondido without touching the powerlines. Also, we have specialized teams which handle emergencies without causing property damage.”

Escondido Tree Service Experts always welcomes homeowners interested in its tree care procedures to its offices which are located at 530 State Pl, Escondido, CA 92029, United States. However, property owners who do not have enough time to visit the offices can contact the company using +1 442-280-7832 and

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