Dependable Homebuyers Publishes Post About Selling a House As Is

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Dependable Homebuyers, a nationwide real estate investor, has published a new blog post on selling a house as is. Some people who have tried this in the past have had limited success, but this article explains why it may not have worked out and what can be done differently to increases the chances of success. More details about selling a house without repairs can be found at

As the article explains, many people put their house up for sale as-is simply because they don't want to bother with the trouble and expense of selling it otherwise. However, this strategy can work against them in several ways. Potential buyers may assume that the owner is trying to sell a house quickly because there is something wrong.

sell a house without repairs

“When a seller insists on selling a home as is, it can be tough to list the home on the open market. Many owner occupants want to purchase a home that is ready to be moved into,” says Dependable Homebuyers in their article found at “What we provide is a simple service that allows homeowners to sell without any repairs. We are investors, not owner occupants, so we are not picky about the condition of the property.”

While it is true that investors don't care about fixing up a home before they purchase, it can come at a cost to the purchase price. Real estate investors generally don't pay market value for a house that is in poor condition, and it can leave the seller without enough cash to buy another home. The article also states that people should sell their home as quickly as possible when they are selling it “as-is” because potential buyers may assume that there is something wrong with the property. Many homeowners prefer to sell to individuals who will make repairs because it means that they don't have to and are therefore not so inconvenienced while preparing for a move.

"Selling as is can be a great way to move fast and get cash in your hands quickly," says Dependable Homebuyers. "But there is a risk involved, and you might not be getting as much cash for your property as you would like. Our company provides a solution that is fast and easy, without the hassle of repairs. We have helped many homeowners sell their house quickly and for top dollar."

The article also shares two stories about people who tried selling their houses as-is but had limited success with it. One of the homeowners finally decided to hire a real estate agent and sell it that way. The other had sold their house with Dependable Homebuyers for $315,000 in 2013, but they tried the same strategy again and got just $225,000 this time around – although it was a different property.

Many home sellers who are new to the process struggle with how they should handle a house where repairs are essential. These individuals may need some professional advice, and they don't know what to do in those situations. Many home buyers feel that sellers who simply inform them that “it's an as-is sale” will likely not get their best deal, so they end up working with different sellers than they otherwise would have.

“We believe in being honest with potential buyers about the house they are interested in,” says Dependable Homebuyers. “This allows us to work together and make a great deal for everyone involved – home sellers, real estate agents and home buyers. Working together, as opposed to against one another, is how we achieve our goal of helping homeowners sell their house quickly and for top dollar.”

The company also provides an important free guide, entitled “How to Sell Your House As Is Fast and For Top Dollar” on its website that will help anyone who is interested in selling their home as-is. The information contained within the article can be very helpful to both real estate agents and home sellers.

“Our guide will help you navigate the process of selling your house fast for top dollar,” says Dependable Homebuyers. “We explain all of the different methods for selling a house as-is – which one is best suited to your situation? We also share our tips and secrets on how to increase the value of your house when selling it as-is. Our guide will save you time and money, and help you get a great deal when selling an as is home. It's free and available for download at our website.”

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