Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg Offers Storm Preparation And Cleanup Tree Services

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Steadfast Tree Care is offering tree trimming and removal services to the residents of Fredericksburg, a city in Virginia surrounded by Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties. The company is appealing to homeowners in its service area to get prepared for the advent of summer thunderstorms by availing of its storm preparation and cleanup services.

Stafford County experienced a powerful storm, which some meteorologists suspect was a full-blown tornado, on the 29th of July, 2021. Heavy rains, hail, and high winds pummeled the region after 6 PM and left thousands without power. The region experienced strong winds that may have reached 75 to 80 miles per hour. One of the residents in the area who grows Christmas trees on her property, Ginger Wible, had all of her Christmas trees fall over on their side. Mike Musatow, another resident, had a mature poplar tree fall through the roof of his detached garage. Steadfast Tree Care is highlighting the mayhem caused by the thunderstorm as a warning to homeowners to take precautionary measures to avoid untoward incidents if another storm happens to hit the region. The entire story can be read here.

Tree maintenance and storm preparation services in Fredericksburg, VA

Every year, the state of Virginia has to contend with an average of 40 thunderstorms. Summer is the prime season for thunderstorms as the conditions are ripe for a storm to brew due to the heat and differences in air pressure. About 5% of the thunderstorms that hit the state have a chance of getting stronger and turning into something much more dangerous. When a severe thunderstorm hits, it brings tornadoes, strong winds, heavy rains, and hail along with it.

Homeowners in the state are likely to suffer damage to their property due to the trees that have grown unchecked. Trees can be weakened by the constant barrage of wind, moisture, and lightning strikes, leaving them susceptible to breakage. If a tree happens to fall on the main structure on the property, it will not only do heavy damage to the building but, in unfortunate cases, also cause bodily harm to the residents of the property.

Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg provides storm preparation and cleanup services that aim to clear the property of trees that are deemed at most risk of being affected by the thunderstorms. The company’s arborists have developed a keen eye for determining the trees on the property that are not likely to survive the weather conditions and would likely fall if dealt a strong enough blow in the form of wind, hail, or lightning strikes.

The company offers to conduct a storm preparation safety check along with its customer’s annual tree trimming and pruning appointment. When a storm preparation appointment is set up, the company’s tree technicians arrive at the customer’s property and perform a general inspection of the trees present, going over the integrity of each one, examining it for signs of weakness. They pay special attention to trees that are the closest to the home as they pose the greatest threat to the property. Once the riskiest trees on the property are identified, the technicians then go to work, pruning the tree’s limbs one by one until the trunk is stable enough to sustain itself. The limbs are cut off in such a way that their weight is balanced on all sides. The company’s technicians then clear the property of any removed tree limbs and branches, as they can be a hazard if left strewn about during a thunderstorm.

The customer also offers storm cleanup services for customers who want to clear their property of debris after the storm has passed. If a tree or tree limb has already landed on the property and caused damage, calling a tree removal specialist is crucial as they possess the skills and equipment to remove the debris without doing any further damage to the property.

Steadfast Tree Care can be contacted at the phone number (877) 279-3085. Customers can also request a quote using a contact form on its website.

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