Fredericksburg, VA Tree Service Provider’s Blog Post Discusses How to Prepare Trees for Spring

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Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg is a company that likes to post blogs with useful tree care information for their customers and others in their area of Virginia. A good example of that is their recent blog which discusses how to prepare trees for spring. That blog is titled ‘Prepare Your Trees for Spring in 3 Phases’. It points out three essential steps a home and business owners should take to get their trees ready for the important spring growing season. Those in the Fredericksburg area that do these three tree preparation phases properly, should only need help from Steadfast Tree Care with minor spring tree trimming service work after that to keep their trees healthy and looking good.

The company owner, Phillip Wood, stated, “Spring is just about to bring trees in the Fredericksburg area into the height of their growing season. This is the time for homeowners to take important steps that will help their trees stay healthy and looking good such as tree trimming. It’s not recommended that more than 10% of the branches on a tree be removed during the critical spring growing season. Hopefully, property owners have also recognized and done the three essential phases of tree growth preparation that are recommended before spring arrives. In case someone is wondering what these three important phases are, they can refer to one of the informational blogs on our website which discusses this very topic.”

Tree trimming service by Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg

The company blog that goes over the three phases of preparation for the important spring tree growing season, first talks about property owners examining the trees in their yard. During this inspection, a property owner should look for such things as areas in their yard where water puddles around the base of trees during heavy rains, identify and prune dead & dying branches, and look for unusual growth patterns on their trees. It also went over that a thorough spring yard cleanup is important to both trees and other vegetation in someone’s landscape. Picking up dead branches & leaves off of the ground, trimming smaller trees & shrubs, and getting rid of any other yard clutter will help trees get the important nutrients and moisture that they need from the soil. Fertilizing the soil after the yard cleanup has been completed is also very good for a property owner's trees. The blog article mentioned that spring storm prep is very important too. That includes such things as getting rid of hazard trees and trimming branches that are close to structures and power lines. The blog closed by reminding home and business owners in the Fredericksburg, VA area that Steadfast Tree Care is always ready to assist them with inspections or any other tree help that they require.

Other specialty tasks that Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg offers are tree cutting and removal. Wood advises that nobody but well-trained tree professionals such as they are should ever attempt to take down trees themselves. That’s because improper tree removal poses a very real danger to people in the area, structures, and other property. He added that their tree crews not only have the proper training and experience to fell a tree properly but they also have the specialized equipment and rigging that it takes to do this job safely. When they take down a tree they know exactly how to rig and cut a tree to fall exactly where they want it to and also will have enough people on the job to keep people and pets at a safe distance when the tree is about to come down. The company owner pointed out that the prices that they charge for tree removal are very reasonable, so that alone should be enough to discourage people from doing this hazardous tree task themselves. This reputable tree company can even completely remove any stumps that are left behind as a result of the tree removal process. He says that’s the only way to totally reclaim the ground area where a tree once stood.

Wood also mentioned that they offer free tree inspections and are willing to help their customers out with any tree trimming, lot clearing, after-storm cleanup, and emergency tree services that need to be done. Those that would like to read more helpful blog articles from this experienced tree services provider can do so by visiting their website.

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