Newton Area Self Defense School Offering Online Classes

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Boston School Of Boabom Offerings Include Virtual Instruction To Help People Learn Martial Arts From Comfort Of Home

Brookline, Massachusetts — The Boston School of Boabom, a Newton area martial arts school dedicated to the Boabom arts, today announced that it has begun offering online classes in Boabom including an introductory session as well as recurring classes for regular students. The school initially made their teachings available at the start of the COVID pandemic in response to state mandates, but the online classes have been so successful that they will continue to offer them even after they resume in-person classes.


“The response to our online offerings ever since the pandemic began has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Yemado, the school’s director who also leads the online classes. “We found that not only were many beginner students comfortable with learning Boabom virtually, but that our students who have been with us for some time deepened their progression quite nicely from home. Making our classes available online has introduced a lot more people in and around the Newton area to the Boabom martial arts and helped them manage their stress during COVID restrictions.”

The school is offering 20-minute introductory classes in Seamm-Jasani, which is also known as the Art of Relaxation or gentle Boabom, and traditional Boabom which is called the Art of Defense and Energy and uses faster, more powerful movements that are effective as a self-defense strategy. A recently new addition—and introductory class to Yaanbao, which is Boabom with a staff—is also available for instant streaming. A live one-hour introductory class in Boabom is held every Saturday throughout the year. All introductory classes are free. Regular progressive classes for returning students are held throughout the week.

One of the other reasons why the school has been successful with its online classes is because Boabom is one of the few martial arts that doesn’t require students to make physical contact with another student. This means one can learn the moves and progress through the Boabom arts independently from the comfort at home.

“Boabom is unique as a martial art in that we don’t incorporate sparring with a partner to learn the moves,” explained Yemado. “We also don’t hold competitions, but rather we allow each individual student to focus on themselves and progress at their own level. Boabom is also great for someone who wants to reap the benefits that learning a martial art can deliver while removing the single biggest avenue for injury, whether of themselves or others. In fact, having no contact actually allows our students feel more at ease and confident to fully execute the movements and realize their body’s power.”

Boabom has roots in ancient Tibet and can be very effective for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also improve sleep quality and help one feel more centered and at peace in everyday life.

When in-person classes are available in again, the school will continue to offer online classes for added convenience to busy people who would prefer to study Boabom from the comfort of their home. Pre-pandemic, the school held group and private instruction as well as Boabom classes just for kids.

To view the class schedule and register for a session, visit

To learn more about The Boston School of Boabom, visit

About The Boston School of Boabom

The Boston School of Boabom is a community of teachers specializing in the Arts of Boabom, a teaching based on an ancient system of relaxation, meditation, breathing, and defense with origins going back to pre-Buddhist Tibet. Boabom combines active relaxation, meditation in movement, and defense techniques, all in a no-contact, non-competitive environment.

Its instructors work together to create a positive and respectful environment that is open to all.

The school offers classes for children, adults, and seniors in a friendly, positive atmosphere.

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About Boston School of Boabom :

Discover the medieval fighting styles Seamm Jasani and Boabom at the Boston School of Boabom. These non-competitive, non-contact forms of fighting styles help you improve agility, balance, and focus while dissolving stress. Visit our free initial classes.

Contact Boston School of Boabom:

Benjamin Kelley

33A Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445, United States


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