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All on 4 Dentist Examines How Long All on 4 Implants Can Last

July 19, 2021
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Bexley Dental, a dental office in Bexley, NSW, Australia, has recently released a blog post that tackles the question of how long does an All on 4 implant lasts. The article examines the concern on whether anything can go wrong with an All on 4. It is important to note that while success rates for the All on 4 are high, there are a number of factors to consider with these implants, just like with any surgical procedure. There are several reasons why an All on 4 implant may fail, such as: an allergic reaction, nerve damage, unsuccessful osseointegration, peri-implantitis, inadequate impressions, and incorrect positioning of the implant.

Zainab Ali, a spokesperson for Bexley Dental, says, “Dental work can be a significant investment, and the All on 4 implant is certainly up there with the more costly treatments. With such a large financial commitment, it’s only normal to be concerned about the treatment’s longevity. Fortunately, these dental implants have a high success rate and, in most cases, last for many years. However, to have confidence in how long they will last, it helps to understand the treatment, the materials used and additional factors that can influence their success.”

Just like with conventional dental implants, the All on 4 implant has two primary parts. One of these is the titanium screw that is placed inside the patient’s jawbone. The other part is the crown or dentures that are affixed to the titanium screw. With the All on 4 implant, a full arch of teeth is placed on just four titanium screws, instead of eight or more implants. This offers many advantages, such as: faster healing and rehabilitation process; much less invasive procedure that requires less time to perform; more flexible design and fit; and less bone density needed to secure the implant.

With regards to how long All on 4 implants can last, there is much less data for this compared to conventional dental implants. On average, traditional implants have been observed to last for more than 15 years. While there is still much less data about this on All on 4 implants, studies to date show that they should last just as long as conventional implants, and perhaps even longer.

However, as previously mentioned, there are certain factors that may cause an All on 4 implant to fail. First is the possibility of an allergic reaction, which depends on the individual. There is a chance that the dental implants may be rejected by the body of the individual.

Second, there is the possibility of nerve damage. This may be avoided, especially when the dentist doing the implant is experienced. Nevertheless, this may be a factor that can affect how long an All on 4 implant may last. If the implant is positioned too close to the nerves, the latter may get damaged, resulting in pain, numbness, or tingling in the soft tissues of the mouth.

Third, osseointegration may be unsuccessful. An important element of dental implants is that the titanium screw should integrate with the surrounding jawbone. Unfortunately, if there is not enough bone density, osseointegration may not be achieved. A well-experienced dentist should be able to help the patient avoid this issue.

Fourth is the possibility of peri-implantitis, which is an inflammatory response that may occur after the procedure. Bacterial infection can occur and result in bone loss and implant failure. This infection is more likely to occur amongst people who are smokers, have diabetes, or don’t practice good oral hygiene.

Fifth is the dentist may have made insufficient impressions. These impressions have to be done carefully to ensure that the dental crowns will fit perfectly. If the crowns don’t fit, there could be gaps between the crown and gums and this will not just have a negative impact on the look and function of the teeth but infection may also set in, resulting in the need for the implant to be replaced.

And finally, an All on 4 implant may have been positioned incorrectly. Proper positioning requires a highly skilled and experienced dental professional. The implant could be misaligned, resulting in its early failure.

Those who are looking for an All on 4 dentist can check out the Bexley Dental website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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