Unity Spine & Joint Offers Regenerative Medicine in Tempe

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Tempe, Arizona -

Unity Spine & Joint, a chiropractic and pain clinic based in Tempe, AZ, is pleased to announce that they are offering regenerative medicine in Tempe and neighboring areas. Advanced regenerative medicine offers a wide range of therapies and services for reducing or eliminating pain, increasing an individual’s balance and mobility, and more. Chiropractic therapy is one of these procedures. It is a non-surgical solution for back pain and other health issues that can benefit a balanced nervous system and spine.

Chiropractic therapy is considered to be a safe and effective treatment technique that reduces the patient’s inflammation, pain, and damage to musculoskeletal systems. It’s a therapy that typically treats conditions that include: upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, and bulging/herniated disc.

Chiropractic therapy is focused on balancing the patient’s spine to stabilize the surrounding joints and groups. An aligned spine and balanced body will boost the effectiveness of the nervous system and restore the capability of the body to heal itself naturally. Some of the techniques that they use are pressure release techniques and chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractic adjustment is designed to realign the position of the spine, while pressure release techniques have the purpose of relieving pressure between discs which allows the back to initiate the natural healing process.

The chiropractors in Phoenix at Unity Spine & Joint can also offer whiplash treatment. People can go to one of their pain stop clinics in the area to get this treatment. Their clinicians will evaluate the whiplash injury and establish an action blueprint for the recovery process. Most patients with whiplash are able to completely recover as long as the right care is given as early as possible.

Aside from chiropractic therapy, Unity Spine & Joint can provide other kinds of treatments and procedures. These include: trigger point injections, joint injections, physical medicine modalities, epidurals, medial branch blocks, facet injection, radiofrequency neuroablation, and pharmacological intervention.

Trigger points develop when a muscle has been injured or overworked. A little knot is found, as a result, in the muscle and causes pain in that particular area. Expert doctors at Unity Spine & Joint will determine the exact location of the trigger point and inject a safe low-dose steroid, including a local anesthetic, into the area. The anesthetic will offer pain relief while the steroid will decrease the inflammation.

They also offer joint injections, which are designed to decrease the swelling of tissue and inflammation in the joint space. A small needle is used to inject a low-dose steroid to certain points in the shoulders, fingers, wrists, elbows, and knees. Because the insertion of the needle can cause pain or discomfort, they will first numb the skin with a local anesthetic. The effect of the anesthetic will wear off after a few hours and the pain will typically return when this happens. However, the impact of the steroid will finally be felt around the third or fifth day.

Physical medicine modalities, can be thermal, light, mechanical, acoustic, or electric energy. These treatments are directed at biologic tissues and the usual forms include: ultrasound,
phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, traction, transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), moist heat, and paraffin.

Epidurals, or epidural steroid injections (ESI), are also made up of corticosteroid and a local anesthetic pain reliever. The medication is injected into the epidural space around the patient’s spinal cord and it is designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by pressure on spinal nerve roots. This treatment is only tried after other non-surgical treatments have failed in relieving pain in the arms, neck, legs, and back. Some conditions that usually require an epidural include: spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, disc herniation, degenerative disc, and sciatica.

A facet injection, or facet joint injection, is a minimally invasive procedure for decreasing swelling and inflammation of the nerves around the facet joints. Facet joints connect the vertebrae to the spine. When pain is felt in these joints, the medial branch nerves will transmit the pain signals to the brain. The pain is typically felt in the shoulders, back, or hips.

Those who are searching for pain clinics in Tempe, Phoenix and surrounding areas, can visit the Unity Spine & Joint website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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About Unity Spine & Joint :

At Unity Spine and Joint, we practice responsible pain management with a broad array of services and specialties. This enables us to provide you with the correct diagnostic testing, regenerative medicine, chiropractic and physical exercise modalities.

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