Innovative Medical Weight Loss Marketing Campaigns Provide Post-Pandemic Relief

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Clinic Marketing Group (CMG) announces the launch of its innovative marketing and digital business platform, one that helped an independent physician go from “floater” to clinic owner.

This CMG platform was designed by a digital marketing expert with over two decades of experience. Tim McGarvey has built successful healthcare practices in the past seven years in five major U.S. markets. Having developed medical weight loss marketing campaigns proven to bring in new patients with an effective online on-ramp and traditional marketing techniques, launching a platform for independent physicians was the logical next step.

Medical Weight Loss Marketing ROI

One case study, outlined on the firm’s website, highlights a post-residency physician who found the barriers to opening an independent practice difficult to overcome. The doctor was serving as a part-time floater, filling in at various clinics throughout the tri state area. As the schedule grew more hectic, and months turned into years, the physician knew it was time to open his own practice. However, key questions remained. How to go about building a new patient list, how to generate sufficient income, hire trained staff, and avoid the stress of insurance administration, all critical issues. The physician enlisted the help of a medical weight loss marketing consultant after studying a strategic marketing proposal that addressed these concerns and more.

CMG claims to have a road map that can turn any static healthcare practice into an income-based business, a journey that begins by offering medical weight loss. The business model allows for a fast launch because of the high demand and pay out-of-pocket appointments. CMG clinics report seeing an immediate uptick in calls from new patients, people who schedule initial consultations and return for monthly checkups. The group, a cheaper seo agency for medical weight loss, also coaches doctors in system efficiencies, patient support tools, and how to train staff so that phone inquiries turn into patient visits.

The doctor featured in the case study opened an independent practice after working ten years as a floater earning a straight hourly wage. Already knowledgeable about hormone imbalances, and how to read blood work as it relates to weight gain, the practitioner created an excellent patient experience and a high success rate within the first year. He was offered additional help with nutrition and counseling techniques, which paid off as new patients began referring friends, family and co-workers.

The practitioner mentions an unexpected benefit, the ability to see and speak with patients on a more regular basis. His work has become more meaningful, as he is able to practice more preventative medicine and address conditions triggered by weight gain before they grow more serious. Essentially, CMG helped this physician become the kind of doctor he always dreamt of being when in med school.

How It Works

CMG developed a trustworthy online presence for the physician and practice, featuring him on CMG platforms. The group opened and linked hundreds of accounts, all tested and proven to be most beneficial for driving qualified people to the practice. They developed a system for creating an ongoing stream of fresh, high-quality content relevant to these consumers.

The plan also included a system for collecting and publishing five star patient reviews, and special offers that trigger people to take action. This helps clinics avoid paying for aimless website traffic, people that search and click, but never buy.

CMG tracking reports show that early on the practice began averaging a 20% increase in new patient calls each month. The CMG team continually analyzes where the best traffic comes from and boosts those on ramps. Fast forward to year seven, and the physician highlighted in the case study has a well respected, busy medical practice, with low overhead and a steady stream of new patient calls and income. His last report represented a 10x increase in new patient business.

Weight Loss is Business Gain

A physician who was once a floater, is now an owner who has built a reputable, thriving practice, a business that ensures a stable future. The Clinic Marketing Group platform is launching in five additional markets, with limited spots available for the right practitioner.

Another innovation is pricing structure, as the platform can be shared by a set number of doctors in a market looking to share costs, or a single entity can purchase the platform to dominate in that market.

Founder Tim McGarvey aims to make it clear from the outset that CMG is not out to perform social media busy-work, or train doctors to do DIY marketing in their free time. He states. “I can’t become an excellent doctor in six months, and a physician can’t learn all there is to know about digital marketing in that amount of time, either.” The Discovery Process allows the group to select a set number of practitioners in each market. “To be fair, and ensure everyone gets enough business, we only accept around six practices in a given region.” When asked about the ultimate goal he says, “We want to partner with physicians looking to invest in building practices that are successful and profitable. But we’re also concerned about helping people across the country lose weight and live healthier lives.”

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