California SEO Agency All Systems Go Marketing Discusses The Importance of Content Quality vs Optimization For a Website's Success

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All Systems Go Marketing, an SEO agency in La Mesa, California, has released a blog post discussing the importance of quality content against the importance of search engine optimization when it comes to ranking a website high in search results.

The blog post says that the debate between the quality of content and how well optimized it is has been raging in the SEO business for a long time. A lot of ardent believers in “Content is King” insist that search engines focus exclusively on content quality to determine which website gets put in front of the end-user. According to them, a business should focus exclusively on giving potential customers the most relevant and accurate information. A logical extension of this assumption is that those companies that rank lower in the search results must obviously have lower quality content than the websites that rank higher.

All Systems Go Marketing brings a new approach to the table in the blog post and goes on to explain that this way of thinking is overly simplified and misses a lot of the nuances of the SEO business. It says that there are many other factors that determine where a business’s website will rank in the search results and it does not just depend on content quality.

Search engines get a sense of a website’s content quality by crawling the website using robots and also tracking customer behavior after landing on the website. Google owns the Chrome browser that tracks everything from what a user does on the Google search results page to how long they stay on a particular page. If a user stays on a particular page for a length of time, it is a good indication that they found the information useful and thus got what they were looking for. However, frequently there will also be many websites in the top search results of a query that will have bland or disappointingly surface-level content that is of no relevance to the search results. The article surmises that this is because, apart from content quality, other factors come into play such as keyword inclusion, link building, and in some cases money since paid ads can be used to get traffic.

The article then goes on to explain the science of optimization and how it affects search results. The most important part of optimization, the article says, is keyword inclusion. The search engine matches the keywords entered by the user to the content on the website and appropriately ranks it. They are the first and most important things to consider when writing and crafting content because the only way that anyone is going to be able to find the content is if the query they enter into the search results matches or comes close to the content on the website. Therefore the high quality of a website’s content does not guarantee that a website will be higher on the search results if the content is not optimized using the proper keywords. The article concludes by saying that there is a fine balance that needs to be struck between content quality and content optimization in order to benefit from organic traffic.

Finally, the article talks about link building and how it is very important for search rankings. A high authority site that links to a website instantly makes the website more appealing for the search engine because it is a clear indication that the link has information worth sharing. Outbound links also play a role as pages that link to reputable third-party sources are thought to have more engaging content. A common pitfall to look out for is linking to many low-quality websites in order to abuse the outbound links advantage and ending up with a search engine penalty.

All Systems Go Marketing can be contacted at the phone number (888) 471-2746. They have been providing search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and social media marketing to HVAC contractors for over 20 years.

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