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Belle Âme Med Spa Releases Article Discussing The Salient Features Of Chemical Peels

April 08, 2021
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Belle Âme Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center, a premier medical spa in Oklahoma City, has released a blog post that shares 4 important things to know about chemical peels. The blog post seeks to educate readers who have wondered about but haven’t delved into the science behind and benefits of chemical peels.

The blog post starts by calling chemical peels one of the most trusted cosmetic treatments of all time. They can treat a wide range of skin issues. The spa recommends them as a sure-fire way of improving the condition of one’s skin. The article says that chemical peels work by removing dead skin cells and promoting the body’s natural mechanism for cell renewal.

Chemical peels involve applying a salicylic acid solution to the skin, and removing dull, dead skin cells. The process causes redundant cells to peel away naturally, revealing new, younger skin cells and significantly improving the skin’s aesthetic look. Another effect of chemical peels is the stimulation of collagen production, which causes new skin cells to grow, making the skin more elastic, firm, and radiant. If vitamins are used to fortify chemical peels, they can also play a role in revitalizing the skin after the procedure.

The first informative point that the new article makes is that the type of results one gets depends on the type of chemical peel. Each peel has a specific intensity based on its capability of permeating the skin. It is important to research the chemical peel to understand what it does before using it. There are three types of peels - light peels, medium peels, and deep peels.

Light peels are the most common, as they are easy to heal from and are fit for regular use. Light peels contain AHA, lactic acid, or glycolic acid. They only permeate the upper layers of skin, exfoliating and treating any concerns in the subdermal layers. Light peels are used to relieve acne, diminish acne scarring, shrink swollen pores, even out skin tone and texture, correct sun damage, decrease fine lines, and more.

Medium peels can treat many skin problems at once. They have a specialized purpose, such as anti-aging, or reducing the appearance of acne scars. Medium peels can minimize wrinkles and dark spots. Deep peels contain TCA or refined glycolic acids that can permeate to the subdermal layers of skin.

Deep peels, which are recommended under a doctor’s supervision, use strong acids to tackle serious health issues. The frequency of using deep peels should be very low. Doctors space out deep peels to allow the skin to heal. Deep peel can remove melanoma cells and also occasionally remove deep scars or wrinkles.

The second point the article makes is that light peels are the best option for regular use. The doctor can begin recommending frequent treatments and make them more infrequent as time goes by and the peels slowly show their effects, enhancing the look and texture of the skin. The most common schedule is using 4 to 6 light peels scheduled 1 to 2 months apart. It is important to give the skin the time to heal between peels for getting the most out of the treatment.

The third point that the article makes is that common skincare practices like cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing sunblock are important to make the most out of one’s chemical peel treatment. The chemical peel skin care regimen would be ineffective without taking good care of one’s skin between the procedures.

Finally, the article says that though chemical peels have no downtime, and one can go about their day-to-day life as usual right after the procedure, the skin will remain sensitive and vulnerable for 3 to 7 days. The best way to take care of the skin between procedures is to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. The new skin cells will finish peeling after 7 to 10 days.

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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