Missame Founder Warns Against Using The Audrey Hepburn Eyelash Trick

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Sacramento, California based Missame LLC has recently gone on record to warn women against using an eyelash trick made popular by Hollywood great, Audrey Hepburn. Blogs and beauty sites have recently begun featuring this eye makeup tip that was also used by a movie character portrayed by Julia Roberts.

The tip involves using a safety pin to separate clumpy eyelashes after applying mascara. While the pin tricks works, Amy Ng, founder of Missame LLC, has pointed out that it's dangerous to use a pin so close to the eye. She also stated that it is time consuming to separate lashes individually, and that there is a safer method that has proven to be just as effective as the pin trick.

Amy Ng explained that while they are well aware of the trend to separate lashes using Audrey Hepburn's pin trick, they warn against anyone actually using this method because it can be dangerous. Putting a pin so close to the eye could cause potential long term damage should the pin slip. In one women's magazine, Marie Claire, a writer actually teaches the magazine's readers how to separate their lashes using this pin trick, and encourages doing so. Missame urges women to steer clear of this method and use a safer way of separating lashes.

Amy Ng states, "It is better to minimize mascara clumping than to fix it later. I recommend keeping your mascara current, and avoid using mascara that has expired. Products in older mascaras are often drier and clump easily."

When asked about the most effective and safest method for separating lashes, Amy Ng responded, "Remove excess mascara product off the wand with a tissue. Lastly, use a metal eyelash comb instead of a safety pin. A lash comb that has a handle will make it easier to maneuver and get the results that you want."

Missame LLC provides a number of beauty related items, including a makeup brush set that has recently been featured in a number of popular blogs. More about the company, and safer ways to apply makeup, can be seen on their official website.

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