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Atlanta Low Speed Car Accident Lawyer Explains Why You Need Legal Help After an Accident

January 24, 2021
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The Brown Firm has shared an article citing the dangers of low-speed collisions in Atlanta. The Georgia-based law firm suggests hiring an auto accident attorney to win a compensation claim against the negligent party blamed for the low-speed accident in Atlanta. Unfortunately, low-speed accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any weather conditions, says Harry Brown, the law firm’s owner.

Low-speed collisions may cause serious injuries that must be treated in time to prevent them from aggravating into severe health issues. Most insurance companies often downplay such low-speed collisions, claiming that such crashes couldn't cause any damages. But that is far from the truth, asserts Harry Brown, the leading slow speed car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA.

Legal help for victims of slow-speed car accidents

Victims of low-speed vehicle accidents need a professional injury attorney to file a compensation claim. The Brown Firm boasts a team of top Atlanta car accident lawyers who have been helping auto accident victims get justice for their injuries and damages with their knowledge and skills.

“The attorney-client relationship you will have at our law firm is important to us. We understand that there is often time-sensitive information that requires fast work and are prepared to meet your every demand. You can be sure that we're going to work tirelessly to win your car accident case. Whether you want to receive a fair settlement or need to take an insurance company in front of a judge and jury, you can count on our honest yet aggressive law firm to provide you with the best legal representation.”

The Atlanta, GA car accident law firm handles even the most complex and difficult vehicle accident cases. Anyone involved in a low-speed collision may need immediate medical help to recover even though they do not feel any pain right away or see any visible injuries, suggests the leading auto accident attorney.

“Even if you don't feel pain or don't see any immediate injuries, you should still receive medical care. Underlying injuries, such as a soft tissue injury, can be prevalent among auto accident victims. When treated on time, most vehicle accident victims can heal from their injuries quickly. However, the longer you wait, the more severe the pain and suffering can become.”

The blog post lists whiplash among some of the most common injuries in a low-speed collision, which can remain asymptomatic for days after the accident. A victim can experience tremendous stress from even such a "small" accident. Among other injuries in low-speed collisions, head injury symptoms have a delayed onset. A victim might also suffer from headaches, depression, anxiety, migraine, memory issues, and dizziness, and these symptoms might be slow to surface. Harry Brown advises victims of low-speed collisions to see a doctor immediately, saying, “Don't wait until the problem becomes unbearable. Postponing a medical consultation even for a few days can cost you losing your rear-end case and the compensation you deserve. You need money to cover all your medical bills, even those that are going to become symptomatic in the future.”

While insurance companies will try to do everything to prove no property damage or injuries sustained in the collision, medical documentation is helpful at that time. Experienced Atlanta low-speed car accident attorneys are aware of the tactics employed by insurance companies and understand the needs of auto accident victims.

Victims of car accidents can get in touch with The Brown Firm for a free consultation. The team of low-speed collision lawyers can win you the best compensation one deserves.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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