Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Shares Tips To Prevent Accidents With Semi-Trucks

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The Brown Firm, the top personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, has shared tips to prevent semi-truck accidents. Semi-trucks weigh more than 10,000 pounds and are potent threats on the road. The Brown Firm has released a blog post that cites 2017 statistics, sharing shocking statistics of fatalities on the road due to crashes with large semis, including the cause of death of 4,761 people.

Semi-truck accident lawyers at The Brown Firm share tips on driving safely when sharing the road with semi-trucks.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

The Brown Firm states, “It's easy to point the finger at semi-truck drivers, and they do share some of the responsibility for these accidents, but many motorists don't know how to share the road with these large trucks properly.”

Atlanta accident lawyers stress the need for practicing defensive driving, cautioning drivers to be alert at all times, especially when driving with large semis, which are bulky and take longer to react to things around them. The blog post advises paying attention to traffic flow, vehicle signals, and weather conditions to avoid potential accidents.

The importance of staying visible and reducing speed cannot be ignored when a semi-truck tries to overtake, states the blog post. This gives the truck driver a clear space to get around and keep the other vehicles out of their blind spot.

The blog warns against passing a truck that is backing up. Harry Brown, the leading Atlanta semi-truck accident attorney, states “There's a high likelihood of you entering their blind spots, and that's somewhere you never want to be.”

The right side of a semi-truck should be avoided if possible. “If you have to pass on the right, do it as quick as possible, use your signal lights, and ensure the trucker sees you as soon as possible.” Also, to make sure there is adequate room between you and the truck, as trucks cannot stop as quickly as a car can.

Urging caution when speeding, the article states that speeding poses a high risk of semi-truck accidents. “The faster you drive, the harder it is to react to your surroundings and control your vehicle.” Other types of situations that increase collision risk with a tractor-trailer include violating red lights, driving intoxicated, and driving distracted.

Anybody involved in an accident with a semi-truck should contact the best Atlanta personal injury attorney. The Brown Firm is a team of professional semi-truck accident lawyers who are well-versed with the law and rights of victims. Their attorneys know that commercial vehicle accident claims can become more complicated. The Brown Firm has extensive experience in handling semi-truck accident claims and working with doctors, so the victim can focus on their recovery while the personal injury lawyers work to get them the deserving compensation for their pain and suffering and financial losses. Victims of truck accidents can get support from the truck accident lawyers at The Brown Firm to schedule Free Consultation on its website.

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