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January 24, 2021
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American Fork, UT-based Palisades Dental is ready to serve all patients who want to be able to rely on a local family dental practice. From their convenient and accessible location, the dental office is able to serve families in American Fork as well as the surrounding communities. Learn more at the following link:

Palisades Dental’s primary commitment is to their community, and this is one of the reasons they go out of their way to ensure every patient is as comfortable as possible during their visits. On one hand, this may involve encouraging young patients (who may have a fear of the dentist) to take better care of their oral health as well as helping them feel more at ease during their appointment. On the other, the practice utilizes leading dental techniques to minimize pain and ensure that patients have as pleasant an experience as possible no matter what sort of treatment they require. According to the practice, this extends to emergency visits as well.

As Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental explains, “Ideally, we advise that you come see us every six months to ensure that your dental health is where it should be. During your dental check up, we may carry out a series of routine tests and examinations to determine whether you need any extra attention. This will help us identify any cause for concern well before it develops into a much more serious issue. Toothache and other kinds of mouth pain can be debilitating, so it is in your best interests to have it sorted out in advance.”

Palisades Dental offers a wide variety of general dentistry services and treatments that allow them to treat virtually every patient who seeks their help, from children to seniors. This means that the dental office has to take a personalized approach with each individual patient. This is why patients undergo a review of their medical history during each check up to ensure their dentist is aware of any potential health or medical concerns that may conflict with their work.

The next stage of a check up involves teeth cleaning. Here, the team scrapes off any plaque that has built up, and they remove tartar that collects above and below the gum line as well. Following this, the practice’s dental hygienists give the patient’s teeth a shiny, smooth finish using a tooth polisher that has a spinning head and faintly abrasive paste. This helps remove any residue that was missed during the cleaning and has the bonus effect of making the mouth more resistant to plaque build-up between dental visits.

The team then proceeds to examine the patient’s mouth in greater detail, using an angled mirror and probe to look for softened tooth enamel, swollen areas, mouth sores and so on. The final stage of a check up usually includes a dental X-ray of the patient’s mouth as well, allowing the team to identify any issues that lie beneath the surface of the mouth. While the mouth needs to be immobilized to some extent for this part of the process, the practice asserts that patients need only bite down on a piece of plastic (provided by the team) while the X-ray machine is positioned next to their cheek. The data gained here will let the team take a look at the roots below the patient’s gum line and decide how to proceed from there.

Shanelle Rellaford’s 5-Star review helps illustrate what a new patient’s experience is like. It says, “As a first time patient away from a dentist I had been to my whole life, I was a little nervous, but soon found out I had no reason to be. Every single member of the staff was so friendly and courteous. I had to bring my 18-month-old daughter along, and they were so patient, understanding and accommodating. They have lots of toys for the kids to play with. My hygienist was incredible at explaining everything she was doing as she was working on my teeth, not to mention she was extremely friendly. Dr. Youngquist is a very kind man and did a wonderful job explaining everything. I left feeling very well taken care of. Highly recommended!”

Those interested may find further details on the dental office’s official website. They may also reach out to Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental - American Fork, UT Dentist to learn more. Read further here:

Interested readers can view their previous press release here:

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Palisades Dental is your "Dentist Near Me" in American Fork, UT, open and ready for any dental emergency, wisdom teeth extractions, tooth crowns and repairs, veneers, implants, and much more (including gentle dental services).

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