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Reason 2 Smile Dental Explains The Benefits Of A Dental Bridge

January 14, 2021
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Reason 2 Smile Dental, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is reaching out to the community to explain why patients may want a dental bridge. The clinic, which also serves Mill Creek, Murray, Holladay, Zions Park, Woodside Heights, Winter Meadows, Arcadian Park and Smithfield, wishes to educate the community on the dental bridge services they offer as well. Learn more here:

The clinic, run by Dr. Andrew Vernon, would like to emphasize the fact that dental bridges are a non-invasive method of replacing a missing tooth. It is an ideal solution for those who do not want to undergo dental implant surgery and has been in existence for nearly as long as dentures have. According to Reason 2 Smile Dental, a missing tooth can cause discomfort while chewing food. It can also be embarrassing when one is talking, laughing or even smiling. More importantly, it can affect the health of a person’s remaining teeth.

When a tooth is pulled from the jaw at root level, it can slowly cause the jawbone to lose bone mass, and remaining teeth may shift towards the gap where the missing tooth should have been. Eventually, this can cause maligned teeth, which affects one jaw and even the shape of the face (in most cases, not for the better). As replacing a tooth is important, dental bridges are an ideal option for those who cannot or do not want to undergo dental implants. Learn more here:

There are several types of dental bridges. Traditional bridges are used to fill a gap that is flanked by two adjacent teeth, and the prosthetic tooth is supported by two abutments on either side. Fixed bridges are often used for the front teeth. Cantilever bridges are used to replace a missing tooth at the back of the mouth, and the tooth bridge only needs one abutment for support. The clinic goes on to explain the many benefits that come with choosing dental bridges to repair teeth.

Bridges help keep the teeth properly aligned as they act as placeholders for missing teeth. With a pontic, otherwise known as a prosthetic or false tooth, taking the place of the missing tooth, the other teeth are forced to stay in place and maintain their proper alignment. A dental bridge also makes it easier for a person to chew. Chewing with missing teeth is difficult and most people will chew from the opposite side or one might find food getting stuck in the gap. A dental bridge will restore normal function to the mouth and help maintain oral health. As mentioned previously, it would also improve the aesthetics of a person’s face. Dental bridges are also non-invasive, which is ideal for most people. Patients who come to Reason 2 Smile Dental can rest assured that their treatment will be handled by Dr. Vernon and his team after a thorough dental exam. One can expect a high quality and tailored treatment in the care of Dr. Vernon.

Dr. Andrew Vernon makes it a point to stay informed about the latest technology and techniques emerging in the dental field. He and his team take great satisfaction in helping their community achieve and maintain a bright, beautiful smile. The clinic is dedicated to caring for each patient’s teeth and works hard in order to, “to give you the best-looking set of pearly whites with the least amount of discomfort, emotional stress and financial anxiety,” as stated on their website. The trusted dental practice strives to provide affordable dental care for families in the community.

Some of the services offered at the clinic include Family Dental Care, Emergency Procedures, Sedation Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers, Teeth Whitening and Invisalign. Patients will be treated by Dr. Vernon himself as well as his highly trained staff — who make it their goal to guarantee each patient's comfort and safety. The clinic also offers discounts, which are available to low-income families or other patients who do not have insurance, therefore making it possible for everyone to receive the quality dental care they need at an affordable cost.

Deborah P.’s 5-Star review, proudly shared on the clinic’s website, is only one of many glowing pieces of feedback Reason 2 Smile Dental has received. She states, “Dr. Andrew Vernon and his wonderful staff are the best I have ever experienced in a dental office. They are an amazing team of professionals, and each one of them are very talented professionals. Dr. Vernon’s dentistry is art.”

Reason 2 Smile Dental’s website offers more details about the clinic and the dental services they provide. Those interested may call the clinic directly or visit their social media platforms to follow up on any further inquiries.

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About Reason to Smile Dental:

Dentists near S. Highland Dr Salt Lake City are plentiful, yet there is a certain kind of smile that is borne only of confidence and satisfaction with your teeth. Dr. Vernon and his team are here to help you achieve that beautiful, room-brightening smile

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Dr. Andrew M. Vernon
4110 S Highland Dr, #100 A, Salt Lake City, UT 84124

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