HVAC SEO Expert Publishes Shares Insight On Interactive Marketing

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La Mesa, CA-based All Systems Go Marketing, a company known for their HVAC SEO services, is taking the initiative to educate their clients and community about interactive marketing. This has led the company to publish a new blog post on their website about this topic, and it is currently accessible to all visitors.

The post establishes that if one is a native of traditional, old-school on-ground marketing, one would be remarkably familiar with the concept of interactive marketing. Brand activation activities and brand ambassadors mingling at trade launch events are just some examples of successful interactive efforts in the field of marketing. The blog post acknowledges that, when considering online marketing, interactive efforts may still be in their early stages. However, they do also show promise. There are already many e-commerce websites that have established interactive marketing campaigns and proved to be successful.

In online marketing, “Interactive marketing arises when events are designed from actions taken by people’s interactions towards a site,” states the company. Most online marketers show appreciation for the content produced by interactive marketing because users get a long lasting experience, “which then causes better brand recall and awareness and increases the chances of these users to share their experiences on social media.” People enjoy experiencing interactive content, while businesses have the advantage of gaining insight about their customers as they get information about what ‘clicks’ with their audience.

The post also discusses some interactive marketing strategies which may prove useful for community businesses and entrepreneurs. The first strategy is text content. While appearing quite basic in nature, given the evolution of technology, it is nonetheless known to always be reliable. Here, one may wonder how a medium as seemingly one-sided as text could be interactive. However, one may be surprised to discover the wide array of text content that can be converted into an interactive format. Some options for interactive text content include quizzes, surveys, polls and embedded calculators. All of these are in text form and will require responses from people, thus making it interactive. The answers received through these platforms can be used to gauge information about the audience, such as, “the demographics to the preferences of the people who engaged with your content,” according to All Systems Go Marketing. “Just like that, you got yourself a lot of data about your target market!”

As one learns about one’s current customer base and builds an audience, one may have to adapt existing business strategies to fit the clientele. Using the information obtained, one may create new offers and engagement opportunities that will help the business retain existing followers while winning the favor of audiences who have never even heard of the brand.

Another aspect is chatbots, and chatbots have long been recognized for their effectiveness in customer service where online marketing is concerned. However, one may also utilize them to improve marketing or even hiring efforts. To quote Hubspot, “If we choose the right path, bots might be the best thing to happen to marketing yet.” Chatbots can be effective interactive marketing tools because they initiate engagement with customers, enable interactions between customers and one’s brand and allow a company to reach a wider audience. Research says that more than 53% of buyers would probably buy from a business that they can communicate with via message.

Interactive videos can also be used to capture a users’ attention. According to the agency, “Interactive videos are more shareable, relatable and engaging compared to their one-way counterpart. Interactive videos can come in the form of live streams where viewers can comment in real-time, webinars where they can ask questions and participate in polls and interactive storytelling videos where users can influence the story by choosing how the story ends.” Video is where brands grab consumers’ attention, and marketers are integrating their brand messages in videos on social media to help users discover and buy their products.

Augmented reality is also a prime example of interactive content, but the post mentions that business should be aware of the high costs associated with this avenue — though they are worthwhile if one’s company has the budget for it. Most augmented reality campaigns are designed for mobile devices as well.

To find out more about interactive marketing and the services offered by All Systems Go Marketing, one may visit their website and preferred social media pages. One may also contact their representatives via phone or email.

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